Wooden Bottle Stopper set of 6

Wood Bottle Stoppers

Gorgeous, hand-made wood bottle stoppers from master cabinet maker Pat Quinn come in a set of 6.

Pat Quinn of Hull, Georgia, is well known in the eastern US for his fine woodworking. He specializes in high-end cabinetry, staircases and fine hardwood furniture. At the end of his work day, he relaxes by making small wooden art pieces on his lathe.

One of a kind set of 6 natural wood bottle stoppers come in a Georgia sycamore stand with natural bark edge. Each is hand cut, shaped, lathed, sanded and stained.  Chrome and rubber base make these appropriate for use in wine, liquor and decanter bottles. Includes Georgia natural cherry with rough natural bark edge, Georgia natural white oak, reclaimed 100 year old heart pine, natural sycamore, natural walnut, and natural mahogany, $295 for the set.

Wooden Bottle Stopper set of 6

Set includes 6 hand made stoppers and base, $295

Each one of these Pat Quinn bottle stoppers is made of solid hardwood cut, shaped and finished by hand.  Set of 6 stoppers comes with a base to display them, but they are made to be used as well as displayed.

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