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Great Horned Owl

Great horned owl (aka “tiger owl” or “hoot owl”) is native to the Americas and colored for camouflage.  This wooden replica is hand-carved in USA:

If you like owls, you’ll enjoy this very short video:  click here for link.

Lafco Soaps Teacher Gifts

Teacher Gifts that say “Thanks!”

Teacher gifts that say “Thanks!” include luxurious Lafco Soaps.  They come in pretty packages and offer just the right everyday indulgence to tell someone special “thank you” for being in your life. Continue reading

Lumiere Limited Edition Lampe Berger

Spectacular Lumiere Lampe Berger is a work of art!  This limited edition lamp features swirls of glass pearls attached to pewter and brass wire that is plated in white bronze.  Cut fine crystal bases of mouth-blown Bohemian double layer crystal has a hand-cut colored outer layer.  Lumiere means “light” in French.

Now on Sale!  $499 (Reg. $800)

See more Lampe Berger products at Ann’s Houston store or online shop.