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Valentine Rose

Give her a special Valentine Rose!  Ann’s Forever gold roses are perfect for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day.  Beautiful American Beauty roses covered in 22K gold never die, unlike fresh flowers.  We have festive ways to wrap and present your rose, from boxes to vases.  Many of our customers give a rose for special occasions…make Valentine’s special with a gold rose from Ann’s!

Ann's Forever gold roses

22K dipped gold rose, 11″ stem, $105

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Passion Lampe Berger

Passion Lampe Berger has a curvy shape and round ball grill topper.  It’s about 5″ tall.  It’s designed for Lampe Berger by Rozenn Mainguéné, a French interior designer who also specializes in designing sophisticated shapes for high-end cosmetics and perfume companies.  Passion Lampe Berger (red, black and clear) has clean and modern styling that looks wonderful in a variety of home decors:

Passion Lampe Berger Clear

Passion Lampe Berger in clear

Passion Lampe Berger Red

Passion Lampe Berger Red


Passion Lampe Berger Black

Passion Lampe Berger in black

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Valentine Pig

If you are looking for something out of the ordinary for your Valentine, tell her anything is possible with a gift of this winged piggy.   Don’t you love his little, hopeful face?  Hinged, jeweled box, $99.50

Maybe pig CAN fly!  Jeweled box, $99.50

Maybe pig CAN fly! Jeweled box, $99.50

Valentines Gifts: A Houston Tradition

Get her Gold Roses

What?  She doesn’t have a gold rose, you say?  WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN???  Ann’s gold roses are a slam dunk!   Real American Beauties dipped in 24K gold last forever!  Choose one in a vase, or a colored rose with 24K gold tipped edges.  Whether you buy one rose or the whole bunch, she’ll love a rose from Ann’s for the big event!

Forever Gold Roses

Buy one or the whole bunch! Ann’s gold roses, $105.00 each.

Gold Rose

Ann’s Gold Roses are a thoughtful, sentimental gift. Click image to order online.