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Chocolate Truffles

Ann’s Texas Chocolate Truffles are sweet treats that make celebrations special.  Continue reading

Valentine Rose

Give her a special Valentine Rose!  Ann’s Forever gold roses are perfect for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day.  Beautiful American Beauty roses covered in 22K gold never die, unlike fresh flowers.  We have festive ways to wrap and present your rose, from boxes to vases.  Many of our customers give a rose for special occasions…make Valentine’s special with a gold rose from Ann’s!

Ann's Forever gold roses

22K dipped gold rose, 11″ stem, $105

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Egg Music Box

Update Jan 11, 2017:  These egg music boxes are back in stock.  Decorated music boxes are spectacular in detail!  Each egg music box is embellished and opens to reveal a scene inside or a satin-lined compartment.  Nativity, carousels, and more. Enjoy music such as “Blue Danube” or “Canon in D.”   Delicate and charming, these fascinating pieces are very special gifts:

Valentines Gifts: A Houston Tradition