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Trapp Candles: Quality Fragrance

Trapp Candles smell so good that you don’t have to light one to enjoy the fragrance.  (Tuck one in your closet, unlit, and you’ll see what we mean.)   Not only is there a bottle of perfume in every candle but they are guaranteed to fill your room with fragrance in a matter of minutes.  We love their quality and pretty packaging.

All Trapp Candles are a blend of soy and wax to maintain their color and appearance, and they burn clean (no sooty walls or ceilings).  Ann’s carries all the fragrances in 7 oz poured candles (50 hour burn time) and 2 oz votives (15-20 hours burn time).

7 oz poured candles in “house” boxes:  $26.95 each
2 oz votive candles in boxes:  $3.95 each
Buy 5 of one size and get a 6th candle in that size FREE! 
(You can mix fragrances.)

See all Trapp Candles at Ann’s…click here

Can’t get to Ann’s? Call us to order:  (281) 589-0424