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Engraved Gifts

When you need something special to honor a retiring boss or employee, engraved gifts are lovely recognition awards.  Engraved gifts also welcome honored guests or speakers to your event or conference, or say thank you to a special client.  A clock with compass, or compass alone, in a hinged, rosewood box is just the thing to provide a keepsake and say thanks.  Engraving plate is included*.

*Engraving costs not included in the price.  Ann engraves on site and will quote you a cost for your individual engraving needs.

Rustic elegance, Texas style

Refined details paired with rustic elegance add comfort and interest to your home décor. Beautiful table lamp has a burlap barrel shade with horn base and metal stand.   A touch of rustic style with a little industrial feel keeps décor elegant yet playful.  Or what about a really magnificent office chair?  Get functionality and comfort with western styling details.

Table lamp with horn detail, $425

Table lamp with horn detail, $425

Leather office chair, 27″ wide. $2,500


Escape to Capri

Let’s escape.

Let’s go to Capri.  Beautiful vistas, clear water, delicious food.   The setting is idyllic, an island off the coast of Italy.

Capri has been a resort town since the days of the Roman Republic.  You get there by ferry from ports on the Italian coast, like Sorrento.  Enjoy Mediterrean sun, food, and vistas while you explore quaint towns and crystal clear waters.

Enjoy breakfast on your terrace overlooking the water and lunch in town at an outdoor cafe on the piazza.  Take in a little shopping on quaint side streets and enjoy the natural beauty along the coast.  Sounds like an ideal vacation, doesn’t it?

So how do we get there?   You can call your travel agent.  Or you can stop by Ann’s for a bottle or two of our new Escape to Capri Lampe Berger home fragrance.

Escape to Capri for $20.95.  Come to Ann’s…we’re holding the ferry for you!

"Escape to Capri" Lampe Berger Fragrance, $19.95 for half-liter bottle.

“Escape to Capri” Lampe Berger Fragrance, $20.95 for half-liter bottle.

Can’t get to Ann’s?  Call us to order!  (281) 589-0424

You can also order Escape to Capri online, click here.

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