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Anniversary Gifts: 3 years means Pearls

Thinking of giving her jewelry for your 3 year anniversary?  Pearls are the traditional gift.   (See the chart, here.)  Pearl jewelry always makes a thoughtful gift because pearls are timeless.  (That’s why pearls are listed early on the chart…what you give her in year 3 can be enjoyed for many years to come.)   She can wear a strand the traditional way or mixed with other materials for a more modern look.  We love Majorica pearl jewelry for its quality and beauty.  Pearls should be a special gift.  Why not make it Majorica pearls from Ann’s?

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9th Anniversary Gift: A Beautiful Ring

Looking for something special for your 9th anniversary?  Our chart suggest LAPIS for the gemstone.  This gorgeous ring from Andrea Barnett is lapis with an elegant sterling silver setting that is as pretty as the stone it features.  Size 7.

Andrea Barnett oval studded ring features lapis and is set in sterling silver with 14k gold bezel, $495



Come see NEW Fantasia rings!!!

Our new Fantasia rings are here and they are GORGEOUS!  Drop by and try them on…which one will you choose?

Fantasia ring with clear man-made stones, $495

Fantasia ring with clear man-made stones, $495


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Ravishing Ruby

Who wouldn’t love to add this Fantasia ruby ring to her jewelry collection?

Fantasia ruby ring features a man-made center stone of 15 carats, $585

Fantasia ruby ring features a man-made center stone of 15 carats, $585

Drop by Ann’s this afternoon and try on some Fantasia jewelry!

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What is Fantasia jewelry?  Click here.



Two Way Rings

Get two looks when you buy one ring!  Two way rings allow you to decide which jewel you want facing upwards.  Match your outfit or suit your mood…simply flip the silver rings from one side to the other and your jewelry has another look.   $139.50

Emerald Ring

Large round emerald is surrounded by smaller emeralds, rubies, and white crystals.  Set in sterling silver and brass.  Opulence, $149.

Opulence emerald ring

Stackable Silver Rings

Modern rings to adorn your fingers are sterling silver with colorful CZ stones.  Shown here in size 7.  $75 each.

Emerald Cut Sapphire Ring

Fantasia sapphire ring is emerald cut surrounded by diamonds:

3.5 carat center stone, $319

3.5 carat center stone, $319

Fantasia jewelry is made with lab-grown stones and mounted in sterling silver that is covered with white gold.  Made in USA.

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Sapphire Cabochon Ring

New at Ann’s is this Fantasia Fine Jewelry sapphire cabochon ring.  A gemstone is described as “cabochon” when it’s been shaped and highly polished instead of faceted with precision cuts to make it sparkle.  Cabochon stones have rounded tops and flat bases, which makes the light appear to glow from within them. 

Sapphire Cabochon ring is  carats, surrounded by diamonds and mounted in sterling silver covered in white gold, $

Sapphire Cabochon ring is 8 carats (center stone) surrounded by diamonds and mounted in sterling silver covered in white gold, $619

Fantasia gemstones are man-made from lab-grown stones, so you get the look and feel of real gemstones at a much lower price.  For more about Fantasia jewelry at Ann’s, click here for information and here for lots of beautiful jewelry pictures.

Sapphire Surprise

Fantasia sapphire ring is a round, faceted center stone surrounded by diamonds. 

Fantasia sapphire ring is  carats, $

Fantasia sapphire ring is 2 carats (center stone) $316

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