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Lampe Berger 415354 aquatic wood

Lampe Berger Aquatic Wood

Driftwood is a rustic decorative element whose fragrance reminds you of white sands and memorable beach vacations.  Branches of drift wood washing up on shore have been transformed by their time in the ocean and infused with aquatic scents of fresh sea breezes, salt spray and aquatic mysteries.  Clean and refreshing, it takes you away from the rush of city life to a relaxing afternoon spent wandering along the water’s edge,  sand in your toes and fresh scents in the air,  discovering natural bits of artistic elements that have emerged from the sea.

Lampe Berger Aquatic Wood home fragrance offers the scent of citrus by the sea and fragrant driftwood that washed up on white sand beaches.  Wood, citrus, sea spray, water, driftwood, vetiver, white sand, and musk.

Lampe Berger Aquatic Wood

Lampe Berger Aquatic Wood. $20.95

Lampe Berger Aquatic Wood Scent Pyramic

415352 Delicate Osmanthus Lampe Berger Fragrance

Delicate Osmanthus Lampe Berger

March, 2017– New!  Delicate Osmanthus Lampe Berger fragrance smells lemony and floral. Osmanthus is a shrub with prickly leaves and elegant clusters of flowers whose scent fills the air in towns in the south of China. It is one of the ten traditional flowers grown in China for its fragrance for over two thousand years. A very sophisticated fragrance, osmanthus plays an important role in traditional Chinese ceremonies as a symbol of love and romanticism. Much used in perfumery, it exhales a rich apricot-like fragrance with white flowers and a touch of powdery violet.

Delicate Osmanthus Lampe Berger Fragrance

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