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Aurora Glass Jewelry

Artist Patti Quinn’s Aurora Fused Glass designs are original and hand-made.  She combines a variety of glass elements to create art-quality pendants by fusing them and firing at high temperatures before hand setting them in sterling silver bezels.  “Aurora” refers to the spectacular Northern Lights, a natural display of breathtaking and ever changing colors.  In Roman mythology, the goddess Aurora heralds the dawn, flying across the sky in anticipation of the sun, filling the heavens with color.   Aurora Glass Jewelry is truly inspirational:

"Starlight" necklace from Aurora Fused Glass by Patti Quinn, see description below.  $549

“Starlight” necklace from Aurora Fused Glass by Patti Quinn, see description below. $549

Starlight Necklace Patti weaves her magic by combining strands of bright purple freshwater large pearls, Swarovski crystal seed beads, navy blue vintage glass beads in 3 shapes and a hand-made silver toggle & ring closure.  The Pendant is midnight blue square hand-made fused glass set in sterling, hand-cut blue drusy quartz crystal, two large oval and tri-cut amethyst-navy blue coin pearls, and peacock BIWA (from mussels grown in Lake BIWA in Japan) freshwater pearl.  $549 More Patti Quinn Jewelry at Ann’s, click here.

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Yellow Pearls

Don’t you love the line of this Simon Sebbag necklace?  Yellow pearls clasp in front with sterling silver and have a drop pendant.

Dyed pearls clasp in front with sterling silver hook.  Pendant ends in sterling silver ornament, so flattering.  $237.50

Dyed pearls clasp in front with sterling silver hook. Pendant ends in sterling silver ornament, so flattering. $237.50


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Anniversary Gifts: 3 years means Pearls

Thinking of giving her jewelry for your 3 year anniversary?  Pearls are the traditional gift.   (See the chart, here.)  Pearl jewelry always makes a thoughtful gift because pearls are timeless.  (That’s why pearls are listed early on the chart…what you give her in year 3 can be enjoyed for many years to come.)   She can wear a strand the traditional way or mixed with other materials for a more modern look.  We love Majorica pearl jewelry for its quality and beauty.  Pearls should be a special gift.  Why not make it Majorica pearls from Ann’s?

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Pearl Necklace with Jeweled Cross

New necklace from Andrea Barnett combines pearls with a brass reproduction ornate cross:

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Fantasia Jewelry Stocking Stuffers

Lovely gifts come in small ring boxes.  Why not tuck this Fantasia Jewelry Sapphire ring in her stocking?  It’s an exceptional man-made stone in a fine jewelry setting, cut and polished just like any fine quality jewelry.  Except it costs a whole lot less than a “real” (mined) stone.

Fantasia Fine Jewelry Sapphire Ring, $1,099

Fantasia Fine Jewelry Sapphire Ring, $1,099

Ann’s Fantasia Jewelry is made in USA by a 4th generation family who specializes in fine jewelry.  All pieces are made for us and can be sized 2 sizes up or down, including partial increments such as 1/4, 1/2, etc.  If we don’t have your size, or can’t size it to fit you, we can have one made in your size at no extra charge.  (This takes 6-8 weeks.)

Fantasia Jewelry is always available at Ann’s.  But come by next week (Thursday and Friday, December 12 and 13, 2013) for a special Fantasia Event and see/buy pieces from the company that are not available in stores.   A Fantasia by DeSerio Trunk Show at Ann’s Fine Gifts, Houston, TX, is always fun, and you’re sure to find a special piece of jewelry for her Christmas stocking.

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Fantasia Sapphire Jewels

When jewelry is referred to as “jewels,” things are serious.  Big.  Sparkly.  Envy-inducing.   “Jewels” get you noticed, no doubt about it.  So put some on:  eye-popping, jaw-dropping, where- did-you-park-the-yacht jewels.  Like these.  And be prepared to turn heads!

Fantasia necklace of lab-grown sapphires (28 carats) and diamonds (45 carats), $3990

Fantasia necklace of lab-grown sapphires (28 carats) and diamonds (45 carats), $3990

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Fantasia jewelry is made in USA of lab-grown stones, for the look and feel of real, mined precious gems.  Settings are sterling silver and white gold.  Come by Ann’s…you’re sure to find something you’ll love!

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Simon Sebbag Sterling Jewelry

New Simon Sebbag designs breathe fresh design style into Ann’s Jewelry collection.  Choose pieces mixed with other materials or streamlined sterling silver.  It’s lightweight and easy to wear with a modern but not too edgy feel.   Why don’t you drop by Ann’s and try some on?

Leather and Silver Jewelry

New jewelry from Simon Sebbag mixes leather with silver in a beautiful and modern style.  “Clasps” are magnets within the silver that holds the pieces in place.  Clean, sleek necklaces and bracelets boldly complement any outfit, and they’re so easy to wear.  Won’t you come try them on?

Clara Kasavinas Jewelry

Clara Kasavinas necklace and earrings are sure to get you noticed.  Are you ready for your close up?  Come try it on and see…

Clara Kasavinas Collar Necklace, $285

Clara Kasavinas Collar Necklace, $285

Clara Kasavinas Jasper Hoop Earrings, $135

Clara Kasavinas Jasper Hoop Earrings, $135

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Timeless Elegance Transcends Trends

Patrice Pale lime aqua turquoise NK oval

If you want to invest in jewelry that holds its beauty and value, you’ll love Patrice Jewelry.  Described as contemporary heirloom jewelry, Patrice Jewelry stands out not only for its beauty but its workmanship.  The artist/designer Patrice is widely traveled, studied painting as well as other traditional crafts and brings her eye for color and craftsmanship to every piece.   Just as couture clothing is impeccably crafted inside, Patrice jewelry is as beautiful on reverse side as it is from the front.  Quality materials, time-honored craftsmanship and a discerning eye for beauty that transcends trends are hallmarks of Patrice Jewelry.

Because it’s special, we carry only a few pieces at a time, but we would love to show it to you.  The typical Patrice customer buys Patrice Jewelry for herself.  Why not treat yourself to a gift of timeless elegance and quality?  Stop by Ann’s and let us show it to you.

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