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Lampe Berger Summer Night Repels Flying Insects

Summer is a great time to cook out.   You’ve planned the food, the company’s coming, and your outdoor patio, deck or yard is ready for entertaining.  But those pesky mosquitoes are planning to come, too, unless you take action.  Instead of pesticides and sprays, why not use your Lampe Berger?   Lampe Berger Summer Night repels flying insects! Continue reading

Forest Mist Lampe Berger

Forest Mist Lampe Berger is a bit mysterious, but fresh, like an unspoiled stream running deep in a forest.   Woodsy and earthy.  It has lemon, grapefruit, coriander, freesia, sandalwood, cedar, and vanilla.

Forest Mist Lampe Berger 415307

Forest Mist Lampe Berger, $20.95 for half-liter bottle. Click image to order at Ann’s online.

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Vanilla Gourmet Lampe Berger

If you like the idea of baking a delicious rum cake, but don’t want to do any actual work, you can still indulge.  How?  Use Vanilla Gourmet Lampe Berger home fragrance.  Yes, it’s that simple.

Vanilla Gourmet Lampe Berger has vanilla beans, quality rum, cocoa, anis, sweet cream and other exotic ingredients.

Vanilla Gourmet Lampe Berger Home Fragrance

Vanilla Gourmet Lampe Berger Home Fragrance, available in half-liter and liter sizes. Click here to purchase online.

Enjoy the scent of Vanilla Gourmet in Parfum Berger’s reed diffuser of the same name.  Click here for more details.

 Vanilla Gourmet Parfum Berger

Vanilla Gourmet Parfum Berger is a reed diffuser, $25. Click image to order online.