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Lampe Berger Limoges Porcelain

Lampe Berger Limoges Porcelain combines two classic French products:  quality Limoges porcelain and Lampe Berger home fragrance diffuser to remove odors and make your home smell wonderful.   The fine porcelain has a deep, rich blue color with hand painted gold flowers. Limoges lamp has a heavy gold grill and is a larger capacity lamp.  It comes new in a gift box with all the accessories (wick, cap, grille top, funnel for pouring and instructions; fragrance sold separately).

Limoges Lampe Berger

Lampe Berger Limoges is a beautiful decorative and functional gift.

Limoges Lampe Berger

Limoges Lampe Berger, $95. Click image to order online.

Ann’s is Houston’s source for Lampe Berger products.

Can’t get to Ann’s in Houston, Texas?  Order Lampe Berger at Ann’s Online!  www.annsfinegiftsonline.com

Fruit Melody Lampe Berger

Fruit Melody Lampe Berger is smooth and slightly sweet, with fruit overtones.  You’ll detect pomegranate, blackcurrant, papaya, peach, red fruits, rose, jasmine, sandalwood, and vanilla.

Fruit Melody Lampe Berger

Fruit Melody Lampe Berger $20.95 for half liter bottle. Click here to purchase online.

Click here to see a list of Lampe Berger oils available at Ann’s Fine Gifts, Houston, Texas.

Have floods brought water into your home, vacation home, garage or rec room?  Did you have to replace carpeting or drywall?  Get rid of the smell of mold and mildew with Lampe Berger.  It’s fast, easy, and leaves your home smelling like the fragrance you choose, instead of musty damp.  Lampe Berger works well to remove odors from remodeling, such as the smell of paint and new carpet; it also removes 68% of bacteria in the air, too, and is a perfect addition to your home if you have pets.  Come by our store for a demonstration!  We don’t just sell it, we use it in our homes, too!

Magnificent Vetiver Lampe Berger

Magnificent Vetiver Lampe Berger…what is vetiver?  It’s a fragrant grass (like lemongrass and citronella) native to India and widely grown in tropical climates.  The essential oil used in perfumes is taken from vetiver roots and smells woodsy.  Magnificent Vetiver has lemon, grapefruit, nutmeg, geranium, mint, patchouli, iris, amber to complement and enhance the vetiver.  It’s fresh and natural with a warm overtone.

Magnificent Vetiver Lampe Berger

Magnificent Vetiver Lampe Berger $20.95 for half liter bottle. Click the image to order online.

More fragrance oils from Lampe Berger here.

Lampe Berger Pink Swirl

Lampe Berger Swirl

Lampe Berger Swirl lamps in pretty pastel colors look elegant in your home.  Soft peach, pink and yellow swirl lampes are available exclusively at Ann’s Fine Gifts.  Each one comes with the Lampe Berger kit:  cap, grill top, wick, funnel, and instructions.  Fragrance oils sold separately.  You can buy these sherbet-colored swirls in our Houston Store or order them online:

 See more Lampes at Ann’s, click here.

White Caroline Lampe Berger

Lampe Berger Caroline

Need a gift for a friend?  Lampe Berger is a winner all around.  Not only does it smell good, it looks good.  It’s a beautiful decorative object that’s functional, too.  Lampe Berger Caroline is available exclusively at Ann’s (white, black or clear) for $39.50 each:

Interesting article about scents and how they can make us feel better.   

Looking for a particular fragrance element?  Click on annsfinegiftsonline.com and use the search box.  The fragrance with that element will come up.

Lampe Berger Removes odors

Lampe Berger provides an easy and effective way to remove odors from your home.  Houston’s hot weather means we keep the windows shut and the AC on, but you can still freshen up with Ann’s Lampe Berger.  For more about how Lampe Berger works, click here.

We have over 70 fragrances…you’re sure to love at least one of them!  If you’ve never tried Lampe Berger, please stop by for a demonstration.  We’ll show you how it works and answer all your questions, and we have testers you can sample before your buy the fragrance.

Lampe Berger's "Ocean Breeze" fragrance is a best seller.

Lampe Berger’s “Ocean Breeze” fragrance is a best seller; click image for more information.

Click here to view Lampe Berger fragrances.

To read more about Ocean Breeze, click here.

How to use Lampe Berger

So you received a Lampe Berger from Ann’s as a gift.  Have you used it yet?  What are you waiting for?  It’s easy…follow these steps:

Take all the items out of the box.  Fill the lamp half-way, no more, with Lampe Berger fragrance. (There needs to be air in the top half of the lamp for it to work.)  Insert the wick, let it soak for 20 minutes.  (Don’t “help” it saturate by swirling it.)  After 20 minutes, light the burner with a match.  Let it flame for 2 minutes.  The flame will flair up at first, then it will calm down.  Gently BLOW OUT the flame.  Place the grill (large metal cap with slits in it) over the now-hot burner.  Your lamp is now working to remove odors from the air and give it fragrance!  Please do not leave a burning Lampe Berger unattended.

To “turn it off,” remove the grill (careful, it’s hot) and place the small metal snuffer cap over the wick.

20 minutes is all it takes to remove odor from a 110 square foot space. If the fragrance is completely used up, you’ll need to go through the process again the next time.  (Wick has to be saturated to light.)

You can mix Lampe Berger fragrances, or change from one to another.  To do this, use the little funnel to pour the fragrance back into the bottle.  (Make sure your wick is cool before you touch it!)  Then pour in another fragrance.  You may smell the first fragrance for a few minutes, but shortly the second will come through.

To view illustrations showing how to light your Lampe Berger, click here.

When you purchase your Lampe Berger at Ann’s store in Houston, TX, we’ll demonstrate how to use it and answer your questions, then we’ll help you choose a lamp style and pick your fragrance.