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415182 Silk Touch

Silk Touch Lampe Berger Fragrance

February 2018:  New!  Silk Touch Lampe Berger fragrance is luxurious and elegant.

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Exotic Cocktail Lampe Berger

Exotic Cocktail is aptly named…. fruity with rum and coconut, like a fancy cocktail on your Carribean island vacation.  You’ll also smell a little coffee and vanilla, too:

Lampe Berger Exotic Cocktail 115312

Lampe Berger Exotique Cocktail, half liter size, $20.95. Click image to purchase online.

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Ocean Breeze Lampe Berger

How do you freshen your house?  If you have an idyllic cottage by the sea in beautiful Maine, and it’s a perfect summer day, you’d throw open your windows and let the ocean breezes fill your home, leaving it smelling like the wind coming off the open water.

Well, we live in Houston, not Maine, and no matter what time of year, Houston is not a “throw open your windows” kind of town.  More like “turn on the AC” due to the heat and humidity.

So how to freshen the house?  Use Ocean Breeze Lampe Berger.

Lampe Berger's "Ocean Breeze" fragrance ($19.95, half liter; $32.95 liter size) removes odors and leaves your home smelling wonderful!

Lampe Berger’s “Ocean Breeze” fragrance ($20.95, half liter; $35.95 liter size) removes odors and leaves your home smelling wonderful! Click on the image to purchase online.

Just put a little Ocean Breeze Lampe Berger in your lampe and light it to remove odors and leave your home smelling just the way you like.  We have lots of fragrances, see list.   And you’ll find lampes in lots of colors and styles, too.

So…want to have your Houston home smell fresh as the sea shore?  Come to Ann’s and pick up some Ocean Breeze and you’re there.   Lampe Berger freshens even with the AC running and all the windows closed.

PS:  Lampe Berger makes a great gift!

Order Lampe Berger fragrance from Ann’s online!  Click here.

Lampe Berger Sells your House

Are you selling a house?  Have you worked hard to keep it clean, spent money painting, renovating, and clearing out your possessions to make it appealing?  Create a memorable impression when you use Lampe Berger during showings.   Lampe Berger removes odors and make the place smell good, and we have over 70 fragrances to choose from.

Come by Ann’s for a demonstration.  We have testers to choose the right fragrance, too, so you know you’ll like it before you buy.

Lampe Berger home fragrance from Ann's will help you sell your house.

Lampe Berger home fragrance from Ann’s will help you sell your house.

Order Lampe Berger from Ann’s online!  Click here.

Istanbul Delights Lampe Berger

Istanbul Delights Lampe Berger Home Fragrance smells like orange blossoms with a little sweetness mixed in.   Desserts and sweets are an important part of Turkish cuisine, also called “Turkish delights.”  The combination of fragrance orange blossoms and candied treats is irresistible.

New fragrance from Lampe Berger: Istanbul Delights, $19.95 half-liter bottle.

Istanbul Delights Lampe Berger, $20.95 half-liter bottle.  Click image to purchase online.

Can’t get to Ann’s?  Call us to order!  (281) 589-0424

See more Lampe Berger at Ann’s online:  www.annsfinegiftsonline.com

Lampe Berger Sweet Pear

Lampe Berger Sweet Pear is a little fruity, a little sweet, with cinnamon, ginger, vanilla, apple, rose and peach to enhance the sweetness of beautiful pears:

Lampe Berger Sweet Pear

Sweet Pear Lampe Berger fragrance, $20.95 half liter; $32.95 liter size bottle.

Sweet Pear Lampe Berger

Fragrance pyramid, Sweet Pear

Lampe Berger removes odors and leaves your home smelling good.  For fragrances available at Ann’s, click here.

Order Sweet Pear Lampe Berger fragrance from Ann’s online!  Click here.

Lampe Berger Precious Jasmine

If you enjoy floral fragrance, you’ll like Lampe Berger Precious Jasmine with the scents of jasmine, ylang, carnation, peony, peach, and apricot.  It’s light with hints of sweetness: 

Flowers, Flower, Spring

Lampe Berger’s new Precious Jasmine fragrance. 1/2 liter bottle, $19.95

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