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egg music box

Egg Music Box

Decorated music boxes are spectacular in detail!  Each egg music box is embellished and opens to reveal a scene inside or a satin-lined compartment.  Continue reading


Flasks let you have a nip on the go…in style! Elegant enough to show off, leather covered flasks slip into purse, coat pocket or cowboy boot.   Cap is attached with a hinge, which swings out of the way.  Under $50 each:

Simon Sebbag Earrings: Oval Lattice Hoops

Simon Sebbag Earrings

Sterling silver Simon Sebbag Earrings make a bold statement in a classic way.  Clean lines make them go-to earrings that dress up everything from jeans to dresses.   Continue reading

Fashion Watches

Fashion Watches

Fashion watches in bold bangle style keep time and add to her bracelet collection.  Bright watch faces give you so many fashion looks, and we have lots of colors! $39.50 each:

You Need More Sleep

Attention all cat lovers…funny book with cute cat pictures dispenses astute words of wisdom.  Accomplish less, save your energy, and project confidence, just like your cat, when you sleep 18 hours a day.  Reassure yourself with this bon mot:  “Indecision shows that you’re thinking!”  There are lots more…read the book.  You Need More Sleep, Advice from Cats, by Francesco Marciuliano:

You Need More Sleep, by Francesco Marciuliano

You Need More Sleep, by Francesco Marciuliano, $12.95


Wind Chimes

Colorful wind chimes hang in your garden or from your patio roof and sound gently when there’s a breeze.  Flowers, turtle, bird, butterflies, roosters and more are fun themes.  Stained glass colors catch the light and sparkle in the sun.  Wind chimes gifts, under $40:

20 Carat Diamond Ring

Ever wonder what a 20 carat diamond ring looks like?  This Fantasia Fine Jewelry diamond ring is a beauty:

Fantasia Jewelry 20 Carat Diamond Ring

Fantasia Jewelry diamond ring has emerald cut 20 carat center stone and two baguettes on either side (1/2 ct each), $579.  Size 8.

The diamonds used to create Fantasia Fine Jewelry are lab-created of the same compound found in a diamond made by nature.  Master diamond cutters shape, polish and set it in 22k white gold vermeil setting (white gold over sterling silver).  Made in USA.  You get fine jewelry quality at a much lower price.    Fantasia rings can be resized to fit you.

Stop by and try on the Fantasia Jewelry at Ann’s Fine Gifts!

See more Fantasia Jewelry at Ann’s here.

Fantasia Jewelry Pink Flower Diamond Earrings

Pink Flower Diamond Earrings

Pretty pink flower earrings from Fantasia Jewelry have round pink center stones that are lab-grown to look like tourmaline.   Continue reading

American Medley

Beautiful painted glass panels display his American branch of service.  They’re hand painted and a great size to fit in the window of his office or den.  United States Air Force, Coast Guard, and Army   are represented here.  Celebrate your hero with a piece he can proudly display:

Lafco Soaps Teacher Gifts

Teacher Gifts that say “Thanks!”

Teacher gifts that say “Thanks!” include luxurious Lafco Soaps.  They come in pretty packages and offer just the right everyday indulgence to tell someone special “thank you” for being in your life. Continue reading