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Flasks let you have a nip on the go…in style! Elegant enough to show off, leather covered flasks slip into purse, coat pocket or cowboy boot.   Cap is attached with a hinge, which swings out of the way.  Under $50 each:

Egg Music Box

Update Jan 11, 2017:  These egg music boxes are back in stock.  Decorated music boxes are spectacular in detail!  Each egg music box is embellished and opens to reveal a scene inside or a satin-lined compartment.  Nativity, carousels, and more. Enjoy music such as “Blue Danube” or “Canon in D.”   Delicate and charming, these fascinating pieces are very special gifts:

Octopus Happy Hour Clock

Silly Clocks

Silly clocks are colorful, whimsical and fun designs!  Pick one to suit your fancy…these have character and movement to enliven your decor and tickle your imagination.  Quartz operated (require AA batteries) with hand painted hands and theme pendulums.  Perfect for children’s rooms, family rooms, or collectors:

Simon Sebbag Earrings: Oval Lattice Hoops

Simon Sebbag Earrings

Sterling silver Simon Sebbag Earrings make a bold statement in a classic way.  Clean lines make them go-to earrings that dress up everything from jeans to dresses.   Continue reading

Fashion Watches

Fashion Watches

Fashion watches in bold bangle style keep time and add to her bracelet collection.  Bright watch faces give you so many fashion looks, and we have lots of colors! $39.50 each: