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Getting over Hurricane Harvey

Sept 7, 2017 — After 11 days away and much worry about flooding, we are open.  We’re fortunate not to have water damage in our store, but the area is still recovering.  Many nearby lack electricity and the flood waters are still present in the neighborhoods to the south of us. People there haven’t been able to even get back into their homes yet to assess their situations.

We’re so impressed with the high level of assistance offered from services providing power, internet, and help fixing mechanical systems.  Getting back to normal will take time, but so many are working hard to put our infrastructure back on track, and we are grateful.  We hope that as the area recovers, people will be able to get around more easily and resume the rhythms of normal life in Houston.

We will carry on.  Stop by sometime and tell us how you are doing!  Looking forward to seeing you soon.



DIY water flooding odor removal method

Lampe Berger Cleans Up after Flooding

If you’ve had damage from flooding, you’ll need some help cleaning up.  It doesn’t take long for standing water to grow mold and mildew, and even if you remove soaked wall board, carpets and furnishings, the smell can linger.

Lampe Berger cleans up after flooding.  It’s an easy, effective and inexpensive DIY method to rid your home of the smell of mold and mildew, and it removes 68% of bacteria, too.  Lampe Berger removes odors and leaves your home smelling like the scent you choose.  We have over 70 fragrances oils and you can sample sniff them before you buy.  Stop by Ann’s Houston Store or order online (click the picture):

View Lampe Berger fragrances at Ann’s, click here.

Ann’s Fine Gifts in Houston, Texas, is a large retailer of Lampe Berger fragrance oils and lamps.   We stock many retired fragrances no longer produced by the company.  Half liters sell for $20.95 each; liter sizes are $35.95.  (Not all fragrances come in liter size.)  Lamps start at around $30 each and include wick, funnel, cap, grill, and detailed instructions.   Lampe Berger is a wonderful gift because it’s practical as well as decorative.  Choose a style that fits your decor, or get something classic that looks good anywhere.  Useful for boats, RVs, vacation homes and cabins, too.   Once you experience Lampe Berger, you’ll never want to be without it!

Purchase Lampe Berger in our Houston store,
order online, or call us to place a phone order:
(281) 589-0424

Folding Umbrella Raining Cats and Dogs

Folding Umbrellas

Folding umbrellas with gorgeous colors and pretty designs keep your rainy days bright and cheerful!  A folding umbrella makes an easy, thoughtful and practical gift.   Continue reading

Fruit Melody Lampe Berger

Fruit Melody Lampe Berger is smooth and slightly sweet, with fruit overtones.  You’ll detect pomegranate, blackcurrant, papaya, peach, red fruits, rose, jasmine, sandalwood, and vanilla.

Fruit Melody Lampe Berger

Fruit Melody Lampe Berger $20.95 for half liter bottle. Click here to purchase online.

Click here to see a list of Lampe Berger oils available at Ann’s Fine Gifts, Houston, Texas.

Have floods brought water into your home, vacation home, garage or rec room?  Did you have to replace carpeting or drywall?  Get rid of the smell of mold and mildew with Lampe Berger.  It’s fast, easy, and leaves your home smelling like the fragrance you choose, instead of musty damp.  Lampe Berger works well to remove odors from remodeling, such as the smell of paint and new carpet; it also removes 68% of bacteria in the air, too, and is a perfect addition to your home if you have pets.  Come by our store for a demonstration!  We don’t just sell it, we use it in our homes, too!

Fantasia Jewelry Emerald Cut Diamond Earrings

We are safe and sound here in our corner of Houston, Texas, despite the recent flooding.  We hope you are, too!  Looking for a little break from the weather and all the water?  Drop by for a browse, try on the jewelry and enjoy some of Ann’s Texas coffee while you’re here.

These Fantasia Jewelry emerald cut diamond earrings are made with lab-grown diamonds (chemically the same as mined diamonds, but a whole lot cheaper!) and mounted in beautiful fine jewelry settings for pierced ears.  Come see these and lots of other Fantasia Jewelry pieces at Ann’s:

Fantasia Jewelry Emerald Cut Diamond Earrings

Emerald cut Fantasia Jewelry lab-grown diamond pierced earrings, $475

See more Fantasia Jewelry at Ann’s here.