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Bracelet details

Beautiful bracelets from Andrew Hamilton Crawford are a favorite gift for Ann’s customers.  They’re made of jeweler’s quality resin that resembles enamel with gold and silver inlaid detail.  These are large cuff bracelets with hinge closures, shaped to fit the wrist.  The pictures tell the story…aren’t they spectacular?

Large midnight blue and silver cuff, $499

Large bracelet on right, $499. Small bracelet on left is sold out.

Simon Sebbag Silver Earrings

Textured silver in earrings are classics that will never go out of style!   We love Simon Sebbag earrings because they’re hollow, so don’t weight your lobes down:

Simon Sebbag round earrings have textured gold and silver, $195

More Simon Sebbag jewelry, click here.


Yellow Dragonfly

Spectacular yellow sapphires in 14K gold make this dragonfly necklace one she’ll want to wear often:

14K gold dragonfly is decked with yellow sapphires, $1125

14K gold dragonfly is decked with yellow sapphires, $1125 SORRY, SOLD OUT.

Update:  sorry, this item is now sold out.

Clara Kasavinas Jewelry

Bold sculptural designs inlaid with stones and crystals make a statement.  Dress up the simplest outfit with Clara Kasavinas jewelry and you’re ready to turn heads.   You just need one piece….which will it be?

More Clara Kasavinas Jewelry at Ann’s, here.

New Colors

New colors in favorite bracelets make a pop for Spring, and just in time for Mother’s Day!  Bright pink, green, turquoise, melon join our selection of basics in red, navy and neutrals.  These are from Andrew Hamilton Crawford, $89.50 each. 

Andrew Hamilton Crawford hinged bangles in bright colors, $89.50

Andrew Hamilton Crawford hinged bangles in bright colors, $89.50



The name says it all.  Opulence jewelry at Ann’s is raw emeralds, sapphires, rubies, labradorite, tourmaline, garnet, onyx and fresh water pearls set in necklaces, rings, and bracelets with silver and brass.  Byzantine, luxurious, unusual with motifs reminicent of the Ottoman Empire and Suleiman the Magnificent.  Opulent.  Hand made, imported from Turkey.

Thad Cline: Wearable Artwork

Thad Cline makes modern jewelry along classic lines, combining Swarovski crystals, gold and silver to create something rather unexpected.   Here, he gives a nod to the classic cocktail ring in an original way:

Thad Cline ring is silver surrounding gold, $360


Thad Cline ring with Swarovski crystal, $269


Anniversary Roses

It’s your anniversary and you need a gift!  Don’t worry, Ann’s has you covered.  Why not tell her she’s special with a gold rose bouquet?  Ann’s gold roses are real roses dipped in 24K gold.  Or choose colored roses with gold tips and stems.  They last forever!  We have fun ways to package your roses that say “Happy Anniversary!”

Real roses dipped in 24K gold in a vase with gold leaves.


Red enamel roses with gold tips and stems in a crystal vase say "Happy Anniversary!"


Angel Wings Jewelry

Tell her she’s special with a gift of an Angel Wing pendant necklace from Ann’s.  Angel Wings are high quality fine jewelry made of solid gold and precious stones.  And oh, they’re pretty!  Choose diamonds or BLACK diamonds!  Or what about sapphires?  or PINK sapphires?  Ann’s Angel Wings are priced for gold at $900 an ounce.  There are small and large sizes.   More in store, come pick one out.

Small yellow gold angel wing with yellow sapphires, $900

White gold angel wing with black diamonds, $1,125


Small white gold angel wing with clear diamonds, $900




White gold angel wing with blue sapphires, $1,500