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Stunning Opulence Ring is Persian Turquoise teardrop with 22K gold rosettes and sterling silver, $329

Opulence Rings

Unusual.  One-of-a-kind.  Dramatic.  These describe Ann’s Opulence rings.  Large stones set in sterling and gold are uniquely beautiful, like pieces of artwork you can wear.


Texas Style: Clara Kasavina

It’s no secret that Texas style is bold.  We like you to notice our jewelry.  This bracelet is definitely loaded with Texas style:  Large leaf pattern studded with crystals has hinge opening and faux turquoise centerpiece.

Clara Kasavina gold cuff leaf bracelet

Cuff bracelet has hinge opening, loads of style. $255

More Clara Kasavina jewelry at Ann’s, here.

Modern Opulence

New Opulence ring has a modern, sculptural style.  One-of-a-kind piece is sterling silver with 22K gold, featuring amethyst, onyx and peridot stones.  $340

Unusual Opulence ring has an architectural design with amethyst, onyx and peridot stones.  Sterling silver and 22K gold

Unusual Opulence ring has an architectural design with amethyst, onyx and peridot stones. Sterling silver and 22K gold, $340

Aurora Jewelry Jasper and Onyx necklace

Patti Quinn: New Aurora Jewelry

We love jewelry that is hand-made, where the stones are carefully selected and the composition artfully designed.  Patti Quinn’s new Aurora Jewelry is exactly that.  Patti takes beautiful natural stones and works her magic by putting them together with gold and silver, adding her signature fused glass ornament to the clasp of each one.  Coordinating bracelets and earrings complete the look.  It’s new…won’t you come by and see it?

Artist Patti Quinn with Ann, summer 2014

Artist Patti Quinn with Ann, summer 2014

See more Aurora Jewelry pieces, many new at Ann’s, on our Pinterest page:

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Candle Critters

New critters in painted tin are colorful candle holders for your outdoor patio.  Rooster, snail, snowy owl and ladybug hide a votive:


Update August 22, 2014:  Do you want to be notified when we receive re-orders of products marked “sold”?  Please leave a comment or contact us.

Simon Sebbag Leather Necklaces

Lightweight and colorful, Simon Sebbag Leather Necklaces are perfect for dressy casual.  Multi strands of leather hold a large silver Simon Sebbag bead.   Choose your necklace, choose your bead, put them together, and it’s ready to wear!  Necklaces ($79.50) and beads ($98.50) sold separately.

Wise Old Owl

Who’s the wisest of them all?  Dad.  Remind him how highly you regard him with a nice gift this Father’s Day:

“Wise men don’t need advice, and fools won’t take it.”  -Benjamin Franklin

50 Caliber Father’s Day Gift

Give Dad something unusual for Father’s Day.   Ann’s 50 Caliber Bullet pen will get his attention!  It’s made from a 50 caliber brass shell casing and cocobolo wood.  Twist the top for the ball point pen.  $49.50 each.

You can have it engraved, too.  (Engraving costs extra; Ann engraves on site, please allow a day for her to do the engraving.)

Yellow Rose of Texas!

Forever Gold Roses

Wouldn’t it be nice if roses never faded?  Ann’s has roses like that.  Gold roses that never fade,  droop or lose their petals. That’s because Ann’s roses are dipped in 24K gold, preserved to last and be enjoyed forever.  Choose 11″ or 18″ stems, singles or bouquets, with vases or alone.  We’ll package them with big red bows for a bright, happy anniversary present she will love.

Gold Roses, 18″ stems:  $135 each
Gold Roses, 11″ stems, $105 each
Colored roses with gold trim, $74.50 each