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Wise Old Owl

Who’s the wisest of them all?  Dad.  Remind him how highly you regard him with a nice gift this Father’s Day:

“Wise men don’t need advice, and fools won’t take it.”  -Benjamin Franklin

50 Caliber Father’s Day Gift

Give Dad something unusual for Father’s Day.   Ann’s 50 Caliber Bullet pen will get his attention!  It’s made from a 50 caliber brass shell casing and cocobolo wood.  Twist the top for the ball point pen.  $49.50 each.

You can have it engraved, too.  (Engraving costs extra; Ann engraves on site, please allow a day for her to do the engraving.)

Yellow Rose of Texas!

Forever Gold Roses

Wouldn’t it be nice if roses never faded?  Ann’s has roses like that.  Gold roses that never fade,  droop or lose their petals. That’s because Ann’s roses are dipped in 24K gold, preserved to last and be enjoyed forever.  Choose 11″ or 18″ stems, singles or bouquets, with vases or alone.  We’ll package them with big red bows for a bright, happy anniversary present she will love.

Gold Roses, 18″ stems:  $135 each
Gold Roses, 11″ stems, $105 each
Colored roses with gold trim, $74.50 each

Andrea Barnett: Earrings

If you love the look of vintage, you’ll enjoy these earrings from Andrea Barnett.  Andrea takes religious medals and crosses, reproduces them in bronze, and make interesting and layered jewelry pieces.  Choose a pair simple and delicate, or something layered with other materials or beads.  And when you buy jewelry in May, it comes with a free gift!

Texas Eats. Well.

With Memorial Day approaching, you’ll need to brush up your barbeque skills.  Texas Eats by Robb Walsh is just the book.  Take one to your hostess for Memorial Day.  Or need a gift for someone who lives out of state?  Send ‘em a piece of Texas!

Texas Eats by Robb Walsh, $25

Texas Eats by Robb Walsh, $25

Texas Eats, The New Lonestar Heritage Cookbook is the latest book by local Houston author, Robb Walsh.  Mr. Walsh has authored 5 previous Texas cookbooks and is a three time winner of the George Beard Award.  He traveled Texas extensively looking for the best local food and recipes, current and almost forgotten.  Texas Eats is full of vintage photos, stories about food, beautiful photography and history in addition to delicious recipes.  Even if you never cook any of the food, the book is a great read and source of Texas lore.

Who would love this book?  The person you know who has everything, is hard to buy a gift for, or doesn’t really want much “stuff.”  It would also make a wonderful corporate gift for visiting executives or clients, a thoughtful piece of Texas they can take home with them.

It’s in stock now at Ann’s, and gift wrap is free!  Come pick up a copy won’t you?

Teacher gifts: Favorite Cookies!

It’s the time of year to say thanks to the teachers!   Bite-sized chocolate chip cookies are crisp and delicious.  Pick up a colorful quart-jar of Ann’s favorite cookies, $14.95.

Texas Sun Hat

A good sun hat with a deep brim is a necessity in the hot days of Texas summer, so you might as well wear a hat with some style, right?  This one has 7″ deep brim and an “Alamo” style crown.   Great for men or women:

Keep the sun off your head, face and neck when you wear this wide-brimmed Texas hat, $40.50

Keep the sun off your head, face and neck when you wear this wide-brimmed Texas hat, $40.50

Texas Framed Art

Everything is bigger and more colorful in Texas, and nothing says it better than these framed pictures.  Maps and collages tell the story with legends of guns, brands, locomotives, oil and cattlemen.  Each one is filled with fascinating detail….and look carefully at the one of the Presidents playing cards!

Click on the images to enlarge them.

Opulence Pendant Necklaces

Opulence jewelry features rough-cut gemstones set in sterling silver and brass with lots of white crystals for added sparkle.  It’s hand-made in Turkey and has a Byzantine feel.  These pendant necklaces are collectible pieces and beautifully crafted:

More Opulence jewelry at Ann’s, click here.

Buy jewelry in the month of May and get a free  delicious gift:  click here.


Mothers Day Cats

Happy Mother’s Day

Hope Mom is enjoying gifts, flowers, chocolates, and lots of attention on Mother’s Day!

Here are a few links to make you smile.  Have a great day!

Bunny eating raspberries…too cute.

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Favorite quotations and verse for Mother’s Day.

Enjoy Brunch on Mother’s Day…or just read about these recipes.