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Dancing Cat

Small treasures are sometimes the best ones.  Jeweled dancing cat has hidden interior compartment whose hinged lid opens to reveal something you hide inside.  This cute little fellow is the perfect gift for the cat lover in your life!

Kitten dancing, $74

Shoe Horns

A shoe horn makes a useful and elegant gift.   Ann’s best-selling shoe horn comes in two sizes (22″ and 29″) for easy reach; with a back scratcher on the other end, this gift is doubly useful.  Or go with his golf game or mans’ best friend:


Chiming Clocks

In our world of computers and electronics, clocks bring calm and tradition to your home.  They make wonderful gifts for important life events such as weddings, new homes, and retirement, and Ann can add an engraved plate to commemorate the occasion.  Chiming clocks are quartz powered, and many have extra features such as auto night shut off, volume control and choice of chimes.

For more about clocks at Ann’s Fine Gifts, click here.

Engraved Gifts

Engraved Gifts

Need gifts for your bridesmaids?  Newborn or graduation gift?  Awards?  Engraving makes it a unique, thoughtful, keepsake gift.   We have a wide selection of engraveable silver-plated items such as boxes, photo albums, frames, and baby gifts.  Ann herself engraves your item right here in our store.

Engraved boxes make keepsake gifts for bridesmaids, graduates and retirees.


Engravable Christening Frame

Ann engraves her own items only.  She normally requires a day or two to complete your work.  Ann engraves on site to your specifications.  She will quote you the price, which is determined by what you want to say.  Ann can also engrave a plate that can be attached to an item.  Sorry, we do not engrave any items or merchandise that is not from our store. 

Royal Apothic Perfume

Royal Apothic perfumes (Eau de Parfum) are as pretty to have on your dressing table as they are lovely to wear.  The fragrances here are inspired by an 18th century apothecary manual found in a London Antique shop.  They are hand blended and produced in the US, $37.50 each.

Leather handbags, affordably

Italian leather handbags come in glorious, bright colors!  Each is handmade, dyed and embossed leather with brass fittings.   Embossing is painstakingly accurate to the natural leather patterns of animal skins such as ostrich and crocodile.  Classic shapes make these bags a timeless purchase; bright colors add a pop to your wardrobe!   Each comes with its own dustbag and the insides are as beautifully finished as the exteriors.

Dark magenta sleek shoulder bag with chain shoulder strap, $387

Rich, bright red leather handbag is ostrich-embossed leather and pays homage to the classic Grace Kelly loved so much, $

Rich, bright red leather handbag is ostrich-embossed leather and pays homage to the classic Grace Kelly loved so much, $567. Yellow clutch, $477

Ocean Breeze Lampe Berger

How do you freshen your house?  If you have an idyllic cottage by the sea in beautiful Maine, and it’s a perfect summer day, you’d throw open your windows and let the ocean breezes fill your home, leaving it smelling like the wind coming off the open water.

Well, we live in Houston, not Maine, and no matter what time of year, Houston is not a “throw open your windows” kind of town.  More like “turn on the AC” due to the heat and humidity.

So how to freshen the house?

Lampe Berger's "Ocean Breeze" fragrance ($19.95, half liter; $32.95 liter size) removes odors and leaves your home smelling wonderful!

Lampe Berger’s “Ocean Breeze” fragrance ($19.95, half liter; $32.95 liter size) removes odors and leaves your home smelling wonderful! Click on the image to purchase online.

Ann’s has the answer:  Lampe Berger.   Just put a little in your lampe and light it to remove odors and leave your home smelling just the way you like.  We have lots of fragrances, see list.   And you’ll find lampes in lots of colors and styles, too.

Lampe Berger Caroline

Lampe Berger is a beautiful, functional decorative accessory. Click image for price and online purchase.

So…want to have your Houston home smell fresh as the sea shore?

Come to Ann’s and pick up some Ocean Breeze and you’re there.   Lampe Berger freshens even with the AC running and all the windows closed.

PS:  Lampe Berger makes a great gift!

Try also:

"Atlantic Tide" Lampe Berger Fragrance, $19.95 for half liter

“Atlantic Tide” Lampe Berger Fragrance, $19.95 for half liter. Click on image to order online.

Order Lampe Berger fragrance from Ann’s online!  Click here.

Sleep Shirts

You can’t get any more comfortable than when you wear your favorite pajamas.  Add one of Ann’s sleep shirts to your collection and it will quickly become your favorite!    Oversized and made of the softest cotton, these dreamy night shirts will make you chuckle with their witty puns and pictures.  Give a few as gifts!  Cute and comfortable, Ann’s sleep shirts make easy gifts.  100% cotton knit. One size fits all, $31.95 each, one size.

Sleep shirt: Bad Hare Day

Bad Hare Day

Sleep shirt: Love is in the Air

Love is in the Air

Sleep Shirt: Sleeping with Fishes

Sleeping with Fishes

Treble Maker

Treble Maker

For Fox Sake

For Fox Sake

Cat Nap

Cat Nap

“I Missed Valentine’s…help!”

Did you forget?  Were you out of town?  It happens…you missed Valentines.

Don’t panic…just come  to Ann’s.  We still have gold roses, jewelry, and chocolates to get you out of the dog house!