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Ocean Breeze Lampe Berger

How do you freshen your house?  If you have an idyllic cottage by the sea in beautiful Maine, and it’s a perfect summer day, you’d throw open your windows and let the ocean breezes fill your home, leaving it smelling like the wind coming off the open water.

Well, we live in Houston, not Maine, and no matter what time of year, Houston is not a “throw open your windows” kind of town.  More like “turn on the AC” due to the heat and humidity.

So how to freshen the house?

Lampe Berger's "Ocean Breeze" fragrance ($19.95, half liter; $32.95 liter size) removes odors and leaves your home smelling wonderful!

Lampe Berger’s “Ocean Breeze” fragrance ($19.95, half liter; $32.95 liter size) removes odors and leaves your home smelling wonderful! Click on the image to purchase online.

Ann’s has the answer:  Lampe Berger.   Just put a little in your lampe and light it to remove odors and leave your home smelling just the way you like.  We have lots of fragrances, see list.   And you’ll find lampes in lots of colors and styles, too.

Lampe Berger Caroline

Lampe Berger is a beautiful, functional decorative accessory. Click image for price and online purchase.

So…want to have your Houston home smell fresh as the sea shore?

Come to Ann’s and pick up some Ocean Breeze and you’re there.   Lampe Berger freshens even with the AC running and all the windows closed.

PS:  Lampe Berger makes a great gift!

Try also:

"Atlantic Tide" Lampe Berger Fragrance, $19.95 for half liter

“Atlantic Tide” Lampe Berger Fragrance, $19.95 for half liter. Click on image to order online.

Order Lampe Berger fragrance from Ann’s online!  Click here.

Sleep Shirts

You can’t get any more comfortable than when you wear your favorite pajamas.  Add one of Ann’s sleep shirts to your collection and it will quickly become your favorite!    Oversized and made of the softest cotton, these dreamy night shirts will make you chuckle with their witty puns and pictures.  Give a few as gifts!  Cute and comfortable, Ann’s sleep shirts make easy gifts.  100% cotton knit. One size fits all, $31.95 each, one size.

Treble Maker

Treble Maker

Udderly Exhausted

Udderly Exhausted

Tweet Dreams

Tweet Dreams

Dog Tired

Dog Tired

Home Tweet Home

Home Tweet Home

For Fox Sake

For Fox Sake

Fifty Shades of Hay

Fifty Shades of Hay

Cat Nap

Cat Nap

“I Missed Valentine’s…help!”

Did you forget?  Were you out of town?  It happens…you missed Valentines.

Don’t panic…just come  to Ann’s.  We still have gold roses, jewelry, and chocolates to get you out of the dog house!


Bracelet details

Beautiful bracelets from Andrew Hamilton Crawford are a favorite gift for Ann’s customers.  They’re made of jeweler’s quality resin that resembles enamel with gold and silver inlaid detail.  These are large cuff bracelets with hinge closures, shaped to fit the wrist.  The pictures tell the story…aren’t they spectacular?

Large midnight blue and silver cuff, $499

Large bracelet on right, $499. Small bracelet on left is sold out.

Jewelry Box Romantic Gift

A jewelry box is a wonderful gift for her when you need something romantic. That’s because she REALLY wants one, a big, fancy one, but she wants YOU to buy it for her!  That’s how it works, guys, and that’s why Ann’s sells so many jewelry boxes this time of year.

Ann’s jewelry boxes are themselves jewels.  Choose from a wide assortment of beautiful woods, features, sizes and organizing capacity.  There are drawers, mirrors and side doors.  Compartments of all types hold your necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings.   She’ll have hours of fun arranging the contents.  And if you want to include a piece of jewelry in your jewelry box gift, we have lots of that, too.

Come buy her one and get it wrapped for free.   She’ll LOVE a jewelry box from Ann’s!

Large jewelry box is amber mahogany with burlwood, $569


Inside amber mahogany box is creamy suede lining. Two drawers and lid opens. Side handles make this a jewelry “chest.”

High gloss mahogany jewelry box has large capacity and lock, $499


Large mahogany box has lots of hooks for necklaces in the lid; 3 drawers and two side doors (more necklace storage). This box locks.

These are only a few of the jewelry boxes you can find at Ann’s.  Click here to see more jewelry boxes at Ann’s, or better yet, come see us.

Bracelet for Valentine’s Day

Simple and elegant bangle bracelet is Valentine red with silver scrollwork by Andrew Hamilton Crawford.  It’s a pretty way to say “I love You!”  Get it gift wrapped and find a card too.  Ann’s has you covered for Valentine’s Gifts:

Red and silver bracelet is perfect for Valentine's Day!  $89.50

Red and silver bracelet is perfect for Valentine’s Day! $89.50

To see more jewelry at Ann’s, click here.

Great Horned Owl

Great horned owl (aka “tiger owl” or “hoot owl”) is native to the Americas and colored for camouflage.  This wooden replica is hand-carved in USA:

If you like owls, you’ll enjoy this very short video:  click here for link.

Music and Menus

Need something interesting to take to the party?  A gift for Mom?  Come pick up “Music and Menus” and you’ll be ready!    You’ll find few better parings than food and music, and these boxed sets are composed by an expert in both fields.  Sharon O’Connor is a musician whose world travels make her a connoisseur of food in many cities.  Recipe cards tell you about the food, and each set comes with a CD of music she’s chosen to set the mood perfectly.  Dine in a Tuscan Villa or linger in the Cafes of Paris, all without leaving home:

The foods and music of Tuscany, recipes from Villa San Michele includes CD of romantic Italian music, $39.50

The foods and music of Tuscany, recipes from Villa San Michele includes CD of romantic Italian music, $39.50

Enjoy Tapas and flamenco from Barcelona, Spain, $39.50

Enjoy Tapas and flamenco from Barcelona, Spain, $39.50

Anniversary Pearls

Pearls are a traditional, timeless gift.   She can wear a strand the traditional way or mixed with other materials for a more modern look.  We love Majorica pearl jewelry for its quality and beauty.  Why not treat her to a beautiful strand of Majorica Pearls for your anniversary?

See more Majorica at Ann’s:  click here.

Do you have enough Lampe Berger?

A good supply of Lampe Berger Home Fragrance will get you through the holidays.  Be sure to stop by and pick up your favorites.

For Christmas scent, we love Heavenly Spruce:

Lampe Berger Heavenly Spruce Home Fragrance

Lampe Berger fragrance “Heavenly Spruce” has mandarin, cinnamon, clove, fir tree, pine, cedar, wood, and amber; comes in in half-liter ($19.95) and liter ($32.95) sizes.

Want the delicious aroma of baking without having to actually bake anything?  Try Crème Brulee:

Lampe Berger Creme Brulee

Crème Brulee Lampe Berger home fragrance. Click here to order online, or come in to pick it up at Ann’s Fine Gifts!

Ann’s has lots more Lampe Berger home fragrances.  Why not pick up a few Lampes to give as Christmas gifts?

Click here for more links to pictures, stories and information about how Lampe Berger works.