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Official Cookie of the Easter Bunny

Don’t forget to stop by for a jar or two of Ann’s Easter Cookies!  The Official Cookie of the Easter Bunny is a bite-sized, crispy chocolate chip treat decorated with cute ribbons.   Take one to your dinner hostess or share with teachers and friends.    Tuck one in their Easter baskets for a quick, festive gift they will enjoy and hopefully share.  We always say these cookies last a LONG time….till you open the jar!  Easter is April 16.

Ingredients: Enriched Bleached Flour, Butter (cream, salt), Sugar, Brown Sugar (sugar, molasses), Eggs, Chocolate Chips (sugar, unsweet chocolate, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, vanilla), Vanilla (water, alcohol, vanilla bean extract), Baking Soda (sodium bicarbonate), Salt

Need us to ship some?  Order online, or call us to place an order, 281 589 0424.

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Projection Alarm Clock

Ann’s Projection Alarm Clock multitasks for you.  It projects the time and temperature on the wall or ceiling, sets itself from radio waves, functions as an alarm clock and has a USB port so you can charge your iPhone.

Projection Alarm Clock

Projection Alarm clock shines time and other information on the wall or ceiling, $49.50. Click image to purchase online.

La Crosse Technologies Projection Alarm Clock

Projection Alarm clock has a USB port to charge your phone.

It runs on battery (2 AAA, not included) or electricity (AC adapter included) and has snooze alarm and calendar.  Choose your time zone and daylight savings time.  Face is backlit and numbers are large, easy-to-read.  Use batteries and cord together to prolong battery life (up to 2 years) and preserve your alarm if the power goes out in the night.

Projection Alarm clock dimensions: 5.23″ L x 1.96″ W x 4.33″ H
Projection arm swivels; angle it to view easily
Multiple time zones available
Touch the button on top to light the clock display at night
Sets time and calendar automatically through radio waves (atomic feature)
Has snooze, calendar, temp and moon phase
AAA battery or electric (includes power adapter)

Sorry, it won’t cook your eggs or fetch the paper.  But it’s a reliable and informative bedside companion for $49.50.  Someone you know would love one as a gift!

Click here to purchase Projection Alarm Clock online,
or call us to have one wrapped and shipped for you!
(281) 589-0424

Angel Wings and Dragonflies

Angel wings and dragonflies are pendants on delicate chain necklaces.  Each is made with real gemstones such as black diamonds and pink sapphires set in yellow or white gold.  It’s a gift she’ll treasure, because classic jewelry never goes out of style:




Flasks let you have a nip on the go…in style! Elegant enough to show off, leather covered flasks slip into purse, coat pocket or cowboy boot.   Cap is attached with a hinge, which swings out of the way.  Under $50 each:

Egg Music Box

Update Jan 11, 2017:  These egg music boxes are back in stock.  Decorated music boxes are spectacular in detail!  Each egg music box is embellished and opens to reveal a scene inside or a satin-lined compartment.  Nativity, carousels, and more. Enjoy music such as “Blue Danube” or “Canon in D.”   Delicate and charming, these fascinating pieces are very special gifts: