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50 Caliber Father’s Day Gift

Give Dad something unusual for Father’s Day.   Ann’s 50 Caliber Bullet pen will get his attention!  It’s made from a 50 caliber brass shell casing and cocobolo wood.  Twist the top for the ball point pen.  $49.50 each.

You can have it engraved, too.  (Engraving costs extra; Ann engraves on site, please allow a day for her to do the engraving.)

Yellow Rose of Texas!

Forever Gold Roses

Wouldn’t it be nice if roses never faded?  Ann’s has roses like that.  Gold roses that never fade,  droop or lose their petals. That’s because Ann’s roses are dipped in 24K gold, preserved to last and be enjoyed forever.  Choose 11″ or 18″ stems, singles or bouquets, with vases or alone.  We’ll package them with big red bows for a bright, happy anniversary present she will love.

Gold Roses, 18″ stems:  $135 each
Gold Roses, 11″ stems, $105 each
Colored roses with gold trim, $74.50 each

Texas Eats. Well.

With Memorial Day approaching, you’ll need to brush up your barbeque skills.  Texas Eats by Robb Walsh is just the book.  Take one to your hostess for Memorial Day.  Or need a gift for someone who lives out of state?  Send ‘em a piece of Texas!

Texas Eats by Robb Walsh, $25

Texas Eats by Robb Walsh, $25

Texas Eats, The New Lonestar Heritage Cookbook is the latest book by local Houston author, Robb Walsh.  Mr. Walsh has authored 5 previous Texas cookbooks and is a three time winner of the George Beard Award.  He traveled Texas extensively looking for the best local food and recipes, current and almost forgotten.  Texas Eats is full of vintage photos, stories about food, beautiful photography and history in addition to delicious recipes.  Even if you never cook any of the food, the book is a great read and source of Texas lore.

Who would love this book?  The person you know who has everything, is hard to buy a gift for, or doesn’t really want much “stuff.”  It would also make a wonderful corporate gift for visiting executives or clients, a thoughtful piece of Texas they can take home with them.

It’s in stock now at Ann’s, and gift wrap is free!  Come pick up a copy won’t you?

Teacher gifts: Favorite Cookies!

It’s the time of year to say thanks to the teachers!   Bite-sized chocolate chip cookies are crisp and delicious.  Pick up a colorful quart-jar of Ann’s favorite cookies, $14.95.


Mother’s Day Gifts: Duchess Peony

Lovely pink art glass containers and the scent of delicate peony flowers are the perfect Mother’s Day gift!

Powder Room:  Duchess Peony

Duchess Peony candle is soy based, burns 90 hours and comes in a hand-blown pink glass re-useable container in a pretty gift-giving box, $60

“Duchess Peony” candle is a blend of full-bloomed peony and camellia blossoms.  It’s soy-based and burns 90 hours.  The hand-blown container can be re-used when the candle is finished, and it comes elegantly packaged for gift-giving.

You can also enjoy “Duchess Peony” in a diffuser.  It will last 9 to 12 months and has its own art-glass bottle and beautiful gift box that includes the diffuser reeds:

Duchess Peony diffuser comes in an artglass bottle, lasts 9-12 months.  $99.50

Duchess Peony diffuser comes in an artglass bottle, lasts 9-12 months. $99.50

Or maybe a luxury bath soap would be her idea of decadence!  Enjoy Duchess Peony in an all-natural, 100% vegetable base, solvent-free coconut oil soap enriched with olive oil and sweet almond oil. (Almond oil is the same pH as our skin, and leaves it feeling hydrated and soft.)

Duchess Peony (Powder Room)

“Duchess Peony” soap in 8.5 oz large bar, $17.50.

Indulge her with Duchess Peony in candle, diffuser or soap for Mother’s Day!

For more fragrances in soaps, candles and diffusers, click on the links.  And why not try NEW House & Home Reparative hand creams?  A touch of Champagne would be perfect for Mother’s Day!



Simon Sebbag Silver Earrings

Textured silver in earrings are classics that will never go out of style!   We love Simon Sebbag earrings because they’re hollow, so don’t weight your lobes down:

Simon Sebbag textured silver earrings go with the necklace, above. Earrings, $132.50


Simon Sebbag round earrings have textured gold and silver, $195

More Simon Sebbag jewelry, click here.


Aurora Glass Jewelry

Artist Patti Quinn’s Aurora Fused Glass designs are original and hand-made.  She combines a variety of glass elements to create art-quality pendants by fusing them and firing at high temperatures before hand setting them in sterling silver bezels.  “Aurora” refers to the spectacular Northern Lights, a natural display of breathtaking and ever changing colors.  In Roman mythology, the goddess Aurora heralds the dawn, flying across the sky in anticipation of the sun, filling the heavens with color.   Aurora Glass Jewelry is truly inspirational:

"Starlight" necklace from Aurora Fused Glass by Patti Quinn, see description below.  $549

“Starlight” necklace from Aurora Fused Glass by Patti Quinn, see description below. $549

Starlight Necklace Patti weaves her magic by combining strands of bright purple freshwater large pearls, Swarovski crystal seed beads, navy blue vintage glass beads in 3 shapes and a hand-made silver toggle & ring closure.  The Pendant is midnight blue square hand-made fused glass set in sterling, hand-cut blue drusy quartz crystal, two large oval and tri-cut amethyst-navy blue coin pearls, and peacock BIWA (from mussels grown in Lake BIWA in Japan) freshwater pearl.  $549 More Patti Quinn Jewelry at Ann’s, click here.

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Anniversary Gifts: 3 years means Pearls

Thinking of giving her jewelry for your 3 year anniversary?  Pearls are the traditional gift.   (See the chart, here.)  Pearl jewelry always makes a thoughtful gift because pearls are timeless.  (That’s why pearls are listed early on the chart…what you give her in year 3 can be enjoyed for many years to come.)   She can wear a strand the traditional way or mixed with other materials for a more modern look.  We love Majorica pearl jewelry for its quality and beauty.  Pearls should be a special gift.  Why not make it Majorica pearls from Ann’s?

See more Majorica at Ann’s:  click here.

Scent attracts, pleases buyers

An article in today’s Wall Street Journal describes the use of custom scents by developers and realtors to entice buyers of high-end properties. Read or scan the article, here.  In a nutshell:  pleasing scent attracts buyers, making your property memorable and more appealing.  The kicker:  custom scents cost thousands of dollars.

Too bad they didn’t interview Ann for this article.  Ann’s has helped Houston realtors and agents sell houses for years!  The secret?  Lampe Berger home fragrance.

Are you selling a house?  Have you worked hard to keep it clean, spent money painting, renovating, and clearing out your possessions to make it appealing?  Create a memorable impression when you use Lampe Berger during showings.   You don’t need to spend thousands to develop a custom scent.   Lampe Berger’s “Fresh Linen” will do the job nicely for $19.95 a bottle.  Read more about Ann’s Lampe Berger Fragrances here.

The bottom line:  you can make your home appealing to potential buyers with Lampe Berger from Ann’s Fine Gifts.  Come sample some at Ann’s!  And the only sign you’ll need in your yard is this one:

Lampe Berger home fragrance from Ann's will help you sell your house.

Lampe Berger home fragrance from Ann’s will help you sell your house.

Order Lampe Berger from Ann’s online!  Click here.

Lampe Berger for Easter

Beautiful Lampe Berger lamps in Easter colors are perfect for Spring!  Soft peach, pink and yellow swirl lampes are $48 each and available exclusively at Ann’s.  Each one comes with all the Lampe Berger trimmings:  cap, grill top, wick, funnel, instructions and a sample bottle of fragrance.   You can buy these sherbet-colored swirls in our Houston Store or order them online, here.

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