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Yellow Rose of Texas!

Forever Gold Roses

Valentine’s Gift Idea:  Gold Roses

Wouldn’t it be nice if roses never faded?  Ann’s has roses like that…gold roses that never fade,  droop or lose their petals. That’s because Ann’s roses are dipped in 22K gold, preserved to last and be enjoyed for years.  Choose 11″ or 18″ stems, singles or bouquets, with vases or alone.  We’ll package them with big red bows for a present she will love.

Gold Roses, 18″ stems:  $135 each
Gold Roses, 11″ stems, $105 each
Colored roses with gold trim, $74.50 each

Questions? Call us to place a phone order:
(281) 589 0424

Or click here to order online.

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Chocolate Truffle Gifts

Ann’s Texas Chocolate Truffles are a gift everyone loves.  Choose her favorites in milk or dark chocolate truffles with rich, fudge-y, flavored centers like Champagne or Raspberry.  Perfect for special occasions such as holiday celebrations, birthdays, anniversaries, hostess gifts, or just because.  Ann’s Texas Chocolate Truffles are BIG, handmade and hand-dipped in layers of velvety chocolate right here in Texas.  Pick out the ones you want and we’ll box them and add a bow:

Champagne flavored center is dipped in white chocolate, then milk chocolate

Champagne flavored center is dipped in white chocolate, then milk chocolate

Raspberry truffle dipped in rich milk chocolate

Raspberry truffle dipped in rich milk chocolate

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Chiming Clocks

In our world of computers and electronics, clocks bring calm and tradition to your home.  They make wonderful gifts for important life events such as weddings, new homes, and retirement, and Ann can add an engraved plate to commemorate the occasion.  Chiming clocks are quartz powered, and many have extra features such as auto night shut off, volume control and choice of chimes.

For more about clocks at Ann’s Fine Gifts, click here.

Display Their School Photos

Cute frames display a series of pictures and school photos!   Show a child’s progress through the years, or feature the whole family.  Why not have one engraved?  Frames are $49.95 each*.

School Bus Photo Frame

“School Years” photo frame holds 12 images and can be engraved, $49.50

*engraving is an additional charge and is not included in frame price.

Royal Apothic Perfume

Royal Apothic perfumes (Eau de Parfum) are as pretty to have on your dressing table as they are lovely to wear.  The fragrances here are inspired by an 18th century apothecary manual found in a London Antique shop.  They are hand blended and produced in the US, $37.50 each.

Texas Style: Clara Kasavina

It’s no secret that Texas style is bold.  We like you to notice our jewelry.  This bracelet is definitely loaded with Texas style:  Large leaf pattern studded with crystals has hinge opening and faux turquoise centerpiece.

Clara Kasavina gold cuff leaf bracelet

Cuff bracelet has hinge opening, loads of style. $255

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Favorite Cookies

For the best, delicious gifts, Ann’s Famous Chocolate Chip cookes fit the bill.   Bite-sized chocolate chip cookies are crisp and delicious, and the packaging makes them a fun and welcome gift.  Pick up a colorful quart-jar of Ann’s favorite cookies, $15.95.



Scent attracts, pleases buyers

An article in today’s Wall Street Journal describes the use of custom scents by developers and realtors to entice buyers of high-end properties. Read or scan the article, here.  In a nutshell:  pleasing scent attracts buyers, making your property memorable and more appealing.  The kicker:  custom scents cost thousands of dollars.

Too bad they didn’t interview Ann for this article.  Ann’s has helped Houston realtors and agents sell houses for years!  The secret?  Lampe Berger home fragrance.

Are you selling a house?  Have you worked hard to keep it clean, spent money painting, renovating, and clearing out your possessions to make it appealing?  Create a memorable impression when you use Lampe Berger during showings.   You don’t need to spend thousands to develop a custom scent.   Lampe Berger’s “Fresh Linen” will do the job nicely for $19.95 a bottle.  Read more about Ann’s Lampe Berger Fragrances here.

The bottom line:  you can make your home appealing to potential buyers with Lampe Berger from Ann’s Fine Gifts.  Come sample some at Ann’s!  And the only sign you’ll need in your yard is this one:

Lampe Berger home fragrance from Ann's will help you sell your house.

Lampe Berger home fragrance from Ann’s will help you sell your house.

Order Lampe Berger from Ann’s online!  Click here.

Fantasia Jewelry: Coral Ring

Large, man-made cabachon coral ring is surrounded by prong-mounted, lab-grown stones from Fantasia Fine Jewelry.  Fantasia stones are cut and mounted in the same method as mined, rare gemstones, which give them lots of sparkle and make they quality fine jewelry.  The warmth of the coral offsets the “diamond” ice and makes this stand-out ring something she’ll treasure:

Fantasia ring is man-made coral with lab grown diamonds surrounding it, shown here in 14K gold setting.  Please inquire for price.

Fantasia ring is man-made coral with lab grown diamonds surrounding it, shown here in 14K gold setting. Please inquire for price.

See more Fantasia Fine Jewelry at Ann’s, click here.

Meet Miss Violet

Southerners are famous for flowers, femininity and flattery.  In the South, a woman is politely referred to as “Miss” no matter her age.  And heady scents of blooms are lovingly cultivated in the warm climate and admired in abundant, beautiful gardens.

Southern Belles

If you’re a Southerner, “Miss Violet” will transport you back home.  She’s lady-like, gentle and easy company, reminiscent of languid summer days, dances, and raspberry ice-cream.


Fresh violets

Rose Petals

Soft rose petals

Raspberry Ice Cream

Sweet raspberry ice cream

 Not from the South?  Experience it anyway when you try the new “Miss Violet” Lampe Berger fragrance at Ann’s:

New floral fragrance from Lampe Berger, "Miss Violet," available now at Ann's.  Half-liter bottle, $19.95

New floral fragrance from Lampe Berger, “Miss Violet,” available now at Ann’s. Half-liter bottle, $19.95

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