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Small enamel boxes with hinged lids come in shapes of all kinds of cute creatures…dogs, birds, cats, and sea critters.  Someone you know collects animals…which will it be?

Music in the Garden

Enjoy your iPhone or iPad music playlist outside in your garden, on your patio, deck or porch with Ann’s outdoor Bluetooth enabled speakers!  No one will know they’re the source of the sound…they look like garden sculptures.

Exotic Pets for Christmas

Ann’s toucan, Very Sparkly,  has some friends.  They like the idea of Christmas adoption and hope that if you can’t take home ol’ Sparkly, you might opt for one of them.  One small tiger for Christmas shouldn’t be too much trouble, or how about a frog, turtle or cockatoo?   They like Christmas music, children, and Grandmas.  Come shop at Ann’s for an exotic pet for Christmas! 

Large enameled frog covered in crystals, $395

Not nearly as ferocious as he appears, Growl-y the tiger stalks the china cabinet. $350


Sea turtle looks for a swimming place to call home. $195