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Fantasia Diamond Ring

Cultured Diamond Rings

Cultured diamond rings are made from man made diamonds (chemically identical to natural, mined diamonds taken from the earth).  Created in a laboratory, the diamonds used in Fantasia Fine Jewelry are cut, set and polished to have maximum sparkle and fire.   Continue reading

Fantasia Ring Large Teardrop

Man Made Diamond Solitaire Ring

How about something sparkly to wear for that special occasion?  This Fantasia Jewelry man-made diamond solitaire ring is perfect.   Continue reading

Fantasia Jewelry Diamond Earrings

Fantasia Jewelry Anniversary Gift

Celebrate your special occasion with Fantasia Jewelry anniversary gift!  Fantasia Jewelry is made with lab grown gemstones in classic fine jewelry settings, for a traditional look at an affordable price.   Continue reading

Dreams of Christmas Jewels

Posted December, 2014:  Enjoy this video featuring stunning Fantasia Fine Jewelry at Ann’s.  We carry a large selection of Fantasia rings and earrings, and we can special order pieces not currently in stock.  (Special orders take at least 7 weeks to produce.)  Come see Fantasia Jewelry at Ann’s!

What is Fantasia Fine Jewelry?  Click here for more information.