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Fantasia Citrine Ring

Gorgeous 12 carat cushion cut faceted Fantasia citrine ring is surrounded by diamonds.  All the stones in Fantasia Jewelry are lab-created, not mined, making the price affordable for quality fine jewelry. This piece is set in sterling silver covered in white gold, with clear diamonds in the band, too.  The one pictured here is a size 7, and is $619.

Fantasia Jewelry Event

Fantasia Fine Jewelry Event
December 15-17, 2016

Extended to Sunday, Dec 18, 12-5 pm

Don’t miss our Fantasia Jewelry Event!  Enjoy Christmas cookies while you shop and a gift with purchase when you buy Fantasia jewelry during event dates.  Ann’s Fantasia Jewelry Event showcases our large collection of sparkly Fantasia jewelry made with affordable, lab-created diamonds.  (For more about Fantasia Jewelry at Ann’s, click here.)

Fantasia Canary Diamond Ring

Fantasia ring made with lab-created canary and clear diamonds, $506

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Cultured Diamond Rings

Cultured diamond rings are made from man made diamonds (chemically identical to natural, mined diamonds taken from the earth).  Created in a laboratory, the diamonds used in Fantasia Fine Jewelry are cut, set and polished to have maximum sparkle and fire.  Master diamond-cutters ply their skills to bring you beautiful, quality fine jewelry at a fraction of the price of rings made with earth diamonds.  Perfect for anniversary, birthday or other special occasions…why not consider giving her a piece of Fantasia Jewelry?  She’ll get a beautiful diamond ring, and you’ll enjoy the surprisingly affordable price!

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Man Made Diamond Solitaire Ring

Holiday parties are not far off.  How about something sparkly to wear?  This Fantasia Jewelry man-made diamond solitaire ring is perfect.  Large teardrop center stone is 12.5 carats and surrounded by round diamonds.  More diamonds are set on the band.    Fantasia is affordable luxury in the most classic style.    Come see our large selection!

Fantasia Ring Large Teardrop

12.5 ct teardrop center stone with diamond surround and diamonds on band, $742

Fantasia Jewelry is made with lab created diamonds which are chemically identical to earth mined stones.  They are cut, set and polished in time-honored diamond crafter’s tradition for maximum sparkle and enjoyment.

Can’t get to Ann’s?  Call us to order!  281 589 0424

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September Birthstone: Sapphire

If your special someone has a September birthday, sapphire is her birthstone.  Gorgeous, deep blue gemstone never goes out of fashion when it’s set in classic Fantasia Fine Jewelry.   Ann’s has lots of Fantasia sapphire rings that she will love and you can afford.  Say “Happy Birthday” with a sapphire Fantasia ring from Ann’s!

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