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Living Royal Ankle Socks

Have fun with socks!  Living Royal ankle socks have such cute designs that you’re sure to find a perfect personality match.   Continue reading

Fashion Watches

Fashion Watches

Fashion watches in bold bangle style keep time and add to her bracelet collection.  Bright watch faces give you so many fashion looks, and we have lots of colors! $39.50 each:

Lampe Berger Swirl

Lampe Berger Swirl lamps in pastel Easter colors are perfect for Spring!  Soft peach, pink and yellow swirl lampes are available exclusively at Ann’s, on sale for $34.75.  Each one comes with the Lampe Berger kit:  cap, grill top, wick, funnel, and instructions.  Fragrance oils sold separately.  You can buy these sherbet-colored swirls in our Houston Store or order them online:

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