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Getting over Hurricane Harvey

Sept 7, 2017 — After 11 days away and much worry about flooding, we are open.  We’re fortunate not to have water damage in our store, but the area is still recovering.  Many nearby lack electricity and the flood waters are still present in the neighborhoods to the south of us. People there haven’t been able to even get back into their homes yet to assess their situations.

We’re so impressed with the high level of assistance offered from services providing power, internet, and help fixing mechanical systems.  Getting back to normal will take time, but so many are working hard to put our infrastructure back on track, and we are grateful.  We hope that as the area recovers, people will be able to get around more easily and resume the rhythms of normal life in Houston.

We will carry on.  Stop by sometime and tell us how you are doing!  Looking forward to seeing you soon.