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Buy yourself something

When you spend a season shopping for gifts for other people, isn’t that the time you see wonderful things you would like?   If you’ve put off making personal purchases, now is the time to treat yourself.   These jewelry pieces are the type of things not easily given as gifts, so if you like them, why not buy one for yourself?

Pearls with Sparkle

A little added sparkle really shows pearls to best advantage.  Majorica ring, earrings and bracelet add CZs for extra dazzle.

Please note:  it may be possible to order out of stock items for you.  We can inquire…please contact us for more details.

Cool Jet

While “cool” is way over-used as an adjective, it’s the perfect description for this bracelet.  But turn your wrist and when it catches the light, the warmth of layers of color sparkles in the most marvelous way.

Jet Swarovski crystals with irridescent mother-of-pearl inlay set in stainless steel, $885