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Caithness Paperweights: Colin Terris

Glass collectors love Caithness Paperweights for their beautiful color and original designs.  Made in Scotland by master glass artisans, many of these were created when Colin Terris was head designer.  Colin trained at the Edinburg College of Art and his work can be found in most major paperweight collections.  He’s considered the father of modern paperweight design, and he personally signed many of Ann’s Caithness paperweights.  Here are a few examples; please visit to see many more:


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Enchanted Castle Caithness Paperweight

Enchanted Castle Caithness paperweight is  one of many museum quality glass collectibles made under the direction of the late Colin Terris in Perth, Scotland.  It was designed by Helen MacDonald and Alastair MacIntosh in 1992 and is one of a limited edition of 100.  It’s an egg-shape with frosted outside and clear slice view into the design.

Enchanted Castle, $825

Enchanted Castle, $825

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Caithness Paperweights

Beautiful forms and breathtaking color suspended in glass.  Uncommon artistry.  Museum-quality value.   Caithness glass.  We have collector’s pieces from when Colin Terris was with the company, many of the signed by the artist and limited editions.

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