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Happy Easter and Links

Wishing you a Happy Easter!  Here are a few links to enjoy:

The Easter Bunny better be careful when he visits the White House due to this clever creature.

Our most “pinned” link is one the kiddies in your life might enjoy.

Who doesn’t daydream about living in a building designed to for another purpose?

Ever had a bad haircut?  How to communicate with your stylist…and what he really thinks.

See these over the top Easter eggs created for a very exclusive clientele.

Easter Bunny

Cuddles with the Easter Bunny.

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Sunday Links and Easter Fun

A few light reading links and some Easter ideas to amuse you today:

Carolina Herrera, the fashion designer, who can wear anything designer from her own label, relies on a classic, well fitted white shirt as a wardrobe staple.

Shabby Chic designer, pioneer and store owner Rachel Ashwell’s country Inn in Texas Hill Country is a dreamy, romantic getaway.

Love the colors of these natural dyed Easter eggs.

Here’s a good site to print cute Easter coloring pages for your grandchildren and young Easter dinner guests.

Have a good week and a lovely Easter!

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Bite-sized Easter cookies

Tuck one of these in their Easter basket and you’re guaranteed to be their favorite grandma.  Bite-sized chocolate chip cookies are crisp and delicious.  Pick up a colorful quart-jar of Ann’s favorite cookies, $14.95.

Chocolate chip cookies are bite-sized and come in quart jar with colorful ribbons.  $14.95

Chocolate chip cookies are bite-sized and come in quart jar with colorful ribbons. $14.95

Anniversary Gifts: 3 years means Pearls

Thinking of giving her jewelry for your 3 year anniversary?  Pearls are the traditional gift.   (See the chart, here.)  Pearl jewelry always makes a thoughtful gift because pearls are timeless.  (That’s why pearls are listed early on the chart…what you give her in year 3 can be enjoyed for many years to come.)   She can wear a strand the traditional way or mixed with other materials for a more modern look.  We love Majorica pearl jewelry for its quality and beauty.  Pearls should be a special gift.  Why not make it Majorica pearls from Ann’s?

See more Majorica at Ann’s:  click here.

9th Anniversary Gift: A Beautiful Ring

Looking for something special for your 9th anniversary?  Our chart suggest LAPIS for the gemstone.  This gorgeous ring from Andrea Barnett is lapis with an elegant sterling silver setting that is as pretty as the stone it features.  Size 7.

Andrea Barnett oval studded ring features lapis and is set in sterling silver with 14k gold bezel, $495



Scent attracts, pleases buyers

An article in today’s Wall Street Journal describes the use of custom scents by developers and realtors to entice buyers of high-end properties. Read or scan the article, here.  In a nutshell:  pleasing scent attracts buyers, making your property memorable and more appealing.  The kicker:  custom scents cost thousands of dollars.

Too bad they didn’t interview Ann for this article.  Ann’s has helped Houston realtors and agents sell houses for years!  The secret?  Lampe Berger home fragrance.

Are you selling a house?  Have you worked hard to keep it clean, spent money painting, renovating, and clearing out your possessions to make it appealing?  Create a memorable impression when you use Lampe Berger during showings.   You don’t need to spend thousands to develop a custom scent.   Lampe Berger’s “Fresh Linen” will do the job nicely for $19.95 a bottle.  Read more about Ann’s Lampe Berger Fragrances here.

The bottom line:  you can make your home appealing to potential buyers with Lampe Berger from Ann’s Fine Gifts.  Come sample some at Ann’s!  And the only sign you’ll need in your yard is this one:

Lampe Berger home fragrance from Ann's will help you sell your house.

Lampe Berger home fragrance from Ann’s will help you sell your house.

Order Lampe Berger from Ann’s online!  Click here.

Lampe Berger for Easter

Beautiful Lampe Berger lamps in Easter colors are perfect for Spring!  Soft peach, pink and yellow swirl lampes are $48 each and available exclusively at Ann’s.  Each one comes with all the Lampe Berger trimmings:  cap, grill top, wick, funnel, instructions and a sample bottle of fragrance.   You can buy these sherbet-colored swirls in our Houston Store or order them online, here.


Lampe Berger: Delicious Cherry and other New Fragrances

New fragrance from Lampe Berger is a big hit!  It’s called “Delicious Cherry” and features sweet black cherry and peaches.  You can also smell tangerine, blackcurrant and raspberry, kinda like a fruit cocktail, balanced with Patchouli to add a little spice.

If you love mouthfuls of ripe, black cherries in season, you’ll enjoy this new Lampe Berger fragrance.

Ripe, sweet black cherries

Ripe, sweet black cherries

New Lampe Berger fragrances, Delicious Cherry, is fruity and sweet.  $19.95 for half-liter bottle.

New Lampe Berger fragrances, Delicious Cherry, is fruity and sweet. $19.95 for half-liter bottle.


Looking for more new Lampe Berger fragrances to try?  Read on for highlights:

Soap Memories:  Fresh and clean, like lily of the valley, orange blossom, peony, cotton flower, sweet almond, and patchouli:

New Lampe Berger fragrance, "Soap Memories," is a fresh clean scent, $19.95 for half liter

New Lampe Berger fragrance, “Soap Memories,” is a fresh clean scent, $19.95 for half liter

My First Fragrance smells like the baby, in a good way:

Lampe Berger's "My First Fragrance," $19.95 for half liter.

Lampe Berger’s “My First Fragrance,” $19.95 for half liter.

Tomato Leaves:  smells like your grandmother’s garden with ripe, fresh produce and leafy greens and herbs.  Smells like summer!

Relive Mr. MacGregor's garden when you smell Lampe Berger's "Tomato Leaves" fragrance, $19.95 for half liter bottle.

Relive Mr. MacGregor’s garden when you smell Lampe Berger’s “Tomato Leaves” fragrance, $19.95 for half liter bottle.

And finally:  Miss Violet!  Click here for another post.

Come in and sample these and all the Lampe Berger fragrances at Ann’s Houston Store in Energy Corridor!

New Fantasia Jewelry is here

Just received a new shipment of Fantasia Fine Jewelry!  Come by and see new rings and earrings, like this:

Fantasia ring is man-made coral with lab grown diamonds surrounding it; mounted in sterling silver covered in white gold.  $399.50

Fantasia ring is man-made coral with lab grown diamonds surrounding it; mounted in sterling silver covered in white gold. $399.50

See more Fantasia Fine Jewelry at Ann’s, click here.