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Patrice Jewelry Octopus Necklace

Patrice Jewelry

Described as contemporary heirloom jewelry, Patrice Jewelry is remarkable for beauty and workmanship.  The artist and designer Patrice is widely traveled, studied painting and other traditional crafts and brings her eye for color and craftsmanship to every piece.   Her jewelry is made with materials such as vintage glass from 1930’s Europe, semi-precious stones, and brass from late 19th century molds.   Just as couture clothing is impeccably crafted inside, Patrice jewelry is as beautiful on reverse side as it is from the front.  Quality materials, time-honored craftsmanship and a discerning eye for beauty that transcends trends are hallmarks of Patrice Jewelry. Made in USA.

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October is Jewelry Month

October is jewelry month at Ann’s!  And not a moment too soon…we have so many NEW pieces to show you.  Come see your favorite designer’s jewelry and browse some new.  And when you buy jewelry at Ann’s in October, you’ll get a FREE box of Ann’s Texas Chocolate Truffles.

October is Jewelry Month at Ann's Fine Gifts

Get a Free box of Ann’s Texas Chocolate truffles when you buy jewelry at Ann’s in October.

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Fantasia Fine Jewelry Sapphire Ring

Large, faceted Fantasia Fine Jewelry sapphire ring has a fabulous center lab-grown stone surrounded by clear Fantasia lab-grown diamonds, set in sterling silver covered in white gold.  Enjoy the look and feel of real, mined stones when you wear Fantasia Fine jewelry from Ann’s Fine Gifts.

Large Fantasia Fine Jewelry faceted sapphire ring with Fantasia diamonds, $492

Large Fantasia Fine Jewelry faceted sapphire ring with Fantasia diamonds, $492

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Fantasia Fine Jewelry: Glamorous Rings

Beautiful, glamorous rings with just the right amount of sparkle always look good.  Ann’s Fantasia Jewelry makes it easy to enjoy classic pieces you will love forever at prices that you’ll love, too.   Here are some of Fantasia Fine Jewelry’s featured beauties:

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Cuff Bracelet

Beautiful  natural stones in rich colors are the stars of this cuff bracelet.  Brazilian agate, malachite, chalecedony and prehnite set in sterling silver and copper on an adjustable cuff make a statement:

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