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Texas Style: Clara Kasavina

It’s no secret that Texas style is bold.  We like you to notice our jewelry.  This bracelet is definitely loaded with Texas style:  Large leaf pattern studded with crystals has hinge opening and faux turquoise centerpiece.

Clara Kasavina gold cuff leaf bracelet

Cuff bracelet has hinge opening, loads of style. $255

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Buy yourself something

When you spend a season shopping for gifts for other people, isn’t that the time you see wonderful things you would like?   If you’ve put off making personal purchases, now is the time to treat yourself.   These jewelry pieces are the type of things not easily given as gifts, so if you like them, why not buy one for yourself?

Fantasia Diamond Earrings

A little ice is nice for Christmas.  Something sparkly in her stocking.  Glittery rocks that come in a small box.  We’re talking DIAMOND EARRINGS, baby!  Yessir, a girl’s best friend, something cold and expensive to cuddle up with….wait!  They’re FANTASIA FINE JEWELRY!  Whoa, hold up there just a minute, cowboy…don’t cry….you can afford them.  You CAN!  Whaddya waitin’ for???  Christmas is coming, man!  Git on over to Ann’s and GET HER THESE EARRINGS!

Fantasia Fine Jewelry large diamond earrings, $285

Fantasia Fine Jewelry large diamond earrings, $285

Fantasia Fine Jewelry features high-quality lab-grown stones in sterling silver and white gold settings.  Made in USA!  More, here.

Go Green

Green handmade multi-strand necklace is a mix of treasures:  Jade pieces of various sizes; green freshwater Keshi pearls and faceted oval pearls; natural green moss agate beads; crystal seed beads.  Created by master artisan Patti Quinn, this piece is set with sterling silver and gold-plated toggle and ring closure.  Go green in the most beautiful way!

Aurora glass green jade and pearl necklace, $537

Aurora glass green jade and pearl necklace, $447

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Sparkle Earrings

These earrings give just enough sparkle to dress up any outfit.  Swarovski crystals in a range of colors give you lots of options.  $47.50

Readers with Swarovski Crystals

These are back in stock:

Readers with red Swarovski crystals, $76.50

Readers with red Swarovski crystals, $76.50

These are the ones Ann wears (click here to see a picture).  They come in these strengths:  1.25, 1.50, 1.75, 2.00, 2.25, 2.50.  $76.50 each.

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Clara Kasavinas Jewelry

Clara Kasavinas necklace and earrings are sure to get you noticed.  Are you ready for your close up?  Come try it on and see…

Clara Kasavinas Collar Necklace, $285

Clara Kasavinas Collar Necklace, $285

More Clara Kasavinas jewelry, here.

Readers with sparkle

If you like readers with more than just plain vanilla functionality, Ann’s crystal-encrusted readers are for you.  They’re made with real Swarovski crystals and some in a range of “powers.”  Why not add a pair to your collection?


Jacket. Wrap. Cardigan. Perfect!

Ann’s Papillon wraps can be draped, buttoned, and styled a number ways, and they come in colors you can wear with anything.  They’re the perfect wrap to have on hand for overly air conditioned places because they fold up small in your bag.  $34.50 each, soft and comforting.

Cardigan Wrap Red Chevron

Papillon™ transforms the everyday scarf into the style of your choice to coordinate with any outfit on any day! 18″ x 64″, one size fits all.  100% Bamboo!  Innovative design has buttons at each end.  Style for fashion, security, and comfort.  Transform your Papillon from a scarf to a shawl, cardigan, or wrap…make it yours today and create your own style!

Can’t get to Ann’s?  Call us to order: (281) 589-0424
Or send us an email to process through PayPal.

Baroque Pearls

Baroque pearls were once rejected when making a classic pearl necklace because they weren’t perfectly round.   Now they are a sought-after shape and make a unique necklace.  Majorica takes this concept to new level, creating baroque pearls from natural ingredients.

Baroque gray pearl necklace, 17".  $365

Baroque Majorica gray pearl necklace with silver clasp, $365 at Ann’s Fine Gifts.


White baroque pearl necklace as vermeil clasp, $365

White baroque pearl necklace as vermeil clasp, $365

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