Stubby Strip Beverage Carrier

Stubby Strip Beverage Carrier

If you like cold beer but don’t want to lug the big cooler, Stubby Strip Beverage Carrier is just what you need!

Stubby Strip holds up to 7 drinks each, including 16 oz bottles, 12 to 16 oz cans, sports drinks and bottles of water.  Each bottle compartment can be separated to be a Koozie, then attached easily back to the strip.  The carrying handle makes it easy to tote, and the bottles won’t fall out. When the drinks are gone, just fold up Stubby Strip and pack it out.

Who doesn’t like cold drinks?  Perfect for sports events, outdoor activities, hiking, camping, boating, and more!  Stubby Strip keeps your drinks cold and handy.  $19.95 each

Invented by genius Ozzies.  G’Day, mate!  Watch the video:

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