Simon Sebbag Necklace Red Shell and Silver

Simon Sebbag Necklaces

Simon Sebbag necklaces of bold stones mixed with silver make a statement.

Every jewelry wardrobe needs a classic chunky piece.  Simon Sebbag is a more refined version of this classic look because the beads are interesting in their mix of color and how they are cut or polished.  Red shell beads give you the look of coral without depleting precious natural resources.  Multi-faceted labradorite with crystal and agate come in a long strand that can wear several ways.  Simon Sebbag necklaces have fasteners that also function as design; show them proudly or wear your necklace asymmetrically to change up your look.  Enjoy the gorgeous blue hues of sodalite in single or double strands.  Add a pair of Simon Sebbag silver earrings to complete your look.

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