Precious Rosewood Lampe Berger Fragrance

Precious Rosewood Lampe Berger Fragrance

A recent addition to Ann’s extensive offering of Lampe Berger fragrances is Precious Rosewood Lampe Berger fragrance.

Rosewood is a beautiful hardwood often used in fine cabinetry, decorative woodwork and even musical instruments. Natural rosewood has a strong, sweet fragrance that lasts a long time, hence the name.  Brazil is well known for it’s rosewood, but the species has many varieties all over the world.

Rosewood oil is used in aromatherapy to lift your spirits, and the essential oil has healing properties, is said to rejuvenate you, and even drives away mosquitos.  Precious Rosewood Lampe Berger Fragrance is woodsy with sweetness from added florals and citrus.  Enjoy the benefits of rosewood while you remove odors in your home when you use Precious Rosewood Lampe Berger Fragrance, $20.95 for a half liter bottle.


Here are some of the ingredients in Precious Rosewood Lampe Berger Fragrance:


Come sample Precious Rosewood Lampe Berger Fragrance before you buy at Ann’s!  Don’t know about Lampe Berger?  Come let us demonstrate how easy it is to remove odors and enjoy fragrance in your home!

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