Memorial Drive Median Removal Petition

Memorial Drive Median Removal Petition

The new road construction along Memorial Drive between Kirkwood and Memorial installed a high median in the road that has few “breaks” where traffic can turn.  This is a detriment to local taxpaying businesses and residents who travel this stretch of road.  We join those who support its removal.

Will you help us by signing a REMOVE THE MEDIAN petition?

Stop by our store or another local business to add your name to the petition!

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Christmas Scenes Lanterns

Many of you have told us how recent flooding from Hurricane Harvey ruined your stored treasures.    Others of you like to shop early, planning for holiday gifts and decorating.  So we’re bringing out some special holiday pieces early!  Continue reading

Simon Sebbag Pearl Set

Matching earrings and necklace make this a dramatic and gorgeous Simon Sebbag pearl set. Simon Sebbag mixes classic pearls with modern sterling silver hoops to create a timeless look. Wear them together or separately for a variety of looks.  $479 for earrings and necklace combination, sold as a set.  Also available with gray pearls.

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