Lampe Berger Summer Night Repels Flying Insects

Summer is a great time to cook out.   You’ve planned the food, the company’s coming, and your outdoor patio, deck or yard is ready for entertaining.  But those pesky mosquitoes are planning to come, too, unless you take action.  Instead of pesticides and sprays, why not use your Lampe Berger?   Lampe Berger Summer Night repels flying insects!

All you need to do is put some Lampe Berger Summer Night in your lamp to repel the pests.  It smells like best-selling Ocean Breeze.   Just fill your lampe half-way with Summer Night Lampe Berger Oil and let the wick saturate.  Light the burner and let it flame for 2 minutes, then blow out the flame.  Pop on the grill and let it work to keep the bugs away from your outdoor party!  Lampe Berger Summer Night is $20.95 at Anns Fine Gifts.

Keep bugs away when you use Summer Night in your Lampe Berger for outdoors.

Keep bugs away when you use Summer Night Lampe Berger. It’s made for outdoors. Click the picture to order online.

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