Great Balls of Cheese Cover

Great Balls of Cheese

Give a book with titled Great Balls of Cheese and you’re sure to make them laugh!

Great Balls of Cheese author, Michelle Buffardi, has worked at programming and writing crafts, holiday, and food content, and currently works at and as a writer and editor.  Her book about cheese balls reveals her fun side as well as her love of cheese:

“I dream in cheese. I think in terms of cheese. When I see an object, such as a cat or Christmas ornament, or a stranger on the train with a particularly round head, I imagine it as a cheese.”  “Cheese is as fashionable as ever, a make-ahead appetizer that requires little prep and, in most cases, no cooking a nd no special equipment or skill….”  Michelle is one fun cook!

Great Balls of Cheese Baby Bald Eagles

Baby bald eagles

With these recipes to instruct and gorgeous pictures to inspire, you can fashion cheese balls in fun shapes: Easter egg, Thanksgiving turkey, Christmas ornament, football, Nacho Cat, Owl, or one that looks like a pizza. The base for most cheese balls is a soft cheese, like cream cheese, but the author tells you how to lighten it up with workable substitutions, if desired. Your imagination is the limit. Have fun with cheese! It’s a wonderful book for people who like to cook with their grands. And if you never make a single recipe, you’ll still enjoy the pictures. Great Balls of Cheese features more than fifty inventive recipes and designs…who can be bored with that much creativity just waiting to be tasted?


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