Gardens on the Riviera

Edith Wharton, the American novelist, was known for her love of landscape gardening and the beautiful gardens she created for her homes.  A well-traveled American who incorporated the lifestyles of the privileged upper classes in her books, Edith bought Castel Sainte-Claire in 1927 for her summer home.

Castel Sainte-Claire is in the hills above the ancient resort town of Hyeres, France, about 4 miles from the coast.  It was once the site of a convent, then was purchased by a French navel officer in 1820 who built the villa.  Edith created the garden whose setting is lush with Mediterranean foliage, and it’s a perfect example of the scenery we wish to evoke.

You can visit Castel Sainte-Claire (it’s now a public garden).  But you don’t have to go to France to feel the whisper of the Mediterranean sea breezes and inhale the scent of fragrant olive trees, fig leaves, rose and citrus….

Lampe Berger Gardens on the Riviera

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