Fresh Linen

You can have Fresh Linen!  No, we’re not talking about clean underwear, although that’s always nice.  “Fresh Linen” is a home fragrance by Lampe Berger.  When you use it in your lamp at home, the odors in your house disappear and the scent of clean, line-dried laundry fills the air.  Remember staying with your grandmother?  How fresh the sheets smelled?  Remember opening your trunk at summer camp and smelling the scent of home?  That’s what Fresh Linen will do for your home, instantly.

Houston weather is hot one day, cold the next; our homes are shut up tightly to preserve energy and warmth or cool and to keep out the humidity.  Since we don’t throw open our windows, Lampe Berger is a wonderful alternative.  Lampe Berger will keep your home smelling good, no matter what Houston weather prevails.  More about Lampe Berger, here.

It’s not unusual for couples to have different favorites when it comes to fragrances.  When you can’t agree on what to burn in your Lampe Berger, Fresh Linen is a good compromise.

Lampe Berger's "Fresh Linen" smells clean and comes in half liter ($19.95) and liter ($32.95) sizes.

Lampe Berger’s “Fresh Linen” smells clean and comes in half liter ($20.95) and liter ($35.95) sizes.

Order Fresh Linen Lampe Berger fragrances from Ann’s online!  Click here.

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