French Kande Pearl NK Mont Joye Necklace

French Kande Pearl Necklace

Classic pearls beg for a twist.  French Kande pearl necklace gives you a new way to wear this fashion favorite!

Striking necklace has a 17″ strand of 10mm white freshwater pearls to showcase a French Kande Mont Joye medallion with Swarovski crystals set in the bezel’s channel.  Medallion is sterling silver and had brass plating.  Bezel has Fleur de lis.  Wear it alone or layer with other pieces for a fashion look.  You can also remove the medallion to wear the pearls separately or put it on another necklace to change up your style.

French Kande Pearl NK Mont Joye Necklace

Freshwater Pearls, French Kandy sterling silver and brass plated Mont Joye medallion necklace. Made in USA, $339

Mont Joye medallion has an interesting history. It’s the crest of Abbey St. Denis (outside of Paris). Mont Joye means “my joy” and was Charlemagne’s rallying cry for his troops as they went into battle. Louis VI claimed it for the Abbey’s banner in 1124.

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