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Fantasia Jewelry: Ruby Earrings

Fantasia Jewelry ruby earrings feature gorgeous ruby solitaires surrounded with diamonds, all lab-created stones, $522.

Nothing says “I wanted to get you something special” better than a gift of dazzling jewelry.  Fantasia Jewelry is affordable fine jewelry she will love to wear.  Fantasia Jewelry is hand-made in USA by 4th generation master diamond cutters who prepare these special lab-grown gemstones just as they would rare, expensive mined stones.  You get maximum sparkle and traditional quality settings for a very affordable price, and no one will be able to tell just by looking at it that you didn’t break the bank to own them!

Ann has the largest selection of Fantasia rings, earrings and pendants in the country.  Rings can be sized at no extra charge.  Browse our pictures, here, then come see us to pick out a special piece of Fantasia Jewelry for her gift!

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