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Glass Art Panels

Add the brilliance of spectacular color and beautiful scenery to your life with Ann’s painted glass art panels for your home.  Just like stained glass, our painted glass bursts into color whenever the light shines through it.  Choose from a variety of sizes, shapes and themes, from bluebonnets to butterflies.  Hang them anywhere and enjoy having beautiful art glass imagery in your home!  Makes a wonderful Christmas gift, too.

Colorful Vases

It’s hard to resist the colors and pretty designs on these painted glass vases and trays.  Display them where they catch the light for the best effect, and use them to hold flowers or candles, too.   These bring in a bit of nature:  hummingbirds, butterflies, and flowers.  Or choose a bit of wine and cheese in the vineyard, where lush clusters of grapes hang within reach.   There’s a pretty design sure to please someone on your list!