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Parfum Berger Diffusers

Great Gifts for $25

Enjoy the scents you love from Lampe Berger all the time!  Parfum Berger diffusers are formulated to release scent continually without a flame.  These come in reed diffusers or room sprays that gently fragrance a room or space.

Parfum Berger Cube Diffuser

Parfum Berger Cube Diffuser in Paris Chic fragrance, $25. Click image to see other Parfum Berger fragrances.

Choose Parfum Berger in 16 best-selling fragrances:

Cotton Dreams
Soap Memories
Vanilla Gourmet
Orange Cinnamon
Oriental Star
Provence Treats
Virginia Cedarwood
Amber Powder
Sensual Bouquet
Lavender Fields
Precious Jasmine
Paris Chic
Exotic Cocktail
Fresh Mint
Zest of Verbena
Ocean Breeze

Ann’s Fine Gifts carries both Parfum Berger and Lampe Berger home fragrance products.  Come by for a demonstration, or shop our online site at

Parfum Berger Cube Diffuser

Parfum Berger gently diffuses scent in your room or space without a flame.

Parfum Berger and Lampe Berger products are unique.  Parfum Berger requires no flame and uses reeds or ceramic rose to disperse scent.  Parfum Berger refills won’t work in Lampe Berger lamps, and Lampe Berger oils won’t work in Parfum Berger diffusers.


Mini Rose Diffuser Parfum Berger

Mini Flower Diffuser Gift Sets

Parfum Berger  Mini Flower Diffuser Gift Sets

Packaged for easy and affordable gift-giving ($25 each), Mini Flower Diffuser Gift Sets are ceramic flowers that come with a 30 ml bottle of Parfum Berger fragrance.  All you have to do is put the flower in the bottle and begin enjoying sent, no flame required.*  Choose Mini Lily, Mini Rose, or Mini Island Flower in best-selling Lampe Berger fragrances specially formulated for no-flame Parfum Berger diffusers.

Parfum Berger refills available in 200 ml bottles, $20 each.  Click here for refill fragrances.

See more Parfum Berger at Ann’s! Click here.

*Parfum Berger is specially formulated for use with reed or ceramic diffusers and while it releases your favorite Lampe Berger scent, it does not remove odors.  May not be used in Lampe Berger lamps.