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egg music box

Egg Music Box

Decorated music boxes are spectacular in detail!  Each egg music box is embellished and opens to reveal a scene inside or a satin-lined compartment.  Continue reading

Giant Wooden Bell Music Box

Giant wooden bell music box is hand made by Warthers Music Box Bells of Dover, Ohio, USA, of walnut and mahogany.  Signed by Ian Warther, dated 1991, and is #4.   The music box movement, manufactured in St. Croix, Switzerland, by the Thorens company is a 41-note cylinder movement that plays 6 tunes.  (Thorens is now owned by Reuge.)  Bell music box is 11″ wide at widest point, 18″ tall.  $2,200.

Giant Wooden Bell Music Box, 41 note Thorens movement plays 6 tunes.  Made in USA

Giant Wooden Bell Music Box, 41 note Thorens movement plays 6 tunes. Made in USA, $2,200

6 tunes include Edelweiss, Sound of Music, Lara’s theme from Dr. Zhivago, Love is Blue,
Romeo & Juliet, and Strangers in the Night.

Butterfly Music Box

Butterfly music box with roses and a place for jewelry treasures is embellished with Swarovski crystals.  Red and black butterfly wings move gently up and down when the music plays.   Continue reading

Italian Inlaid Music Box Mozart Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

Inlaid Wood Music Box Gift

Gorgeous and sentimental, an inlaid wood music box gift is a keepsake to treasure.  Beautiful Italian music box craftsmanship features walnut burlwood with inlaid designs on the top. Continue reading

Italian Music Box

Italian music box with 72 note movement is burlwood inlaid with roses on top.  Choose from several different musical offerings:  Canon in D, Rachmaninoff, Nutcracker Suite, Debussy or theme from Titanic,  $1,199:

Choose this style in one of these musical selections.  (Click the links to hear instrumental versions of these pieces on Youtube):

Canon in D by Pachelbel
18th Variation Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini by Rachmaninoff
Nutcracker Suite by Tchaikovsky:
March of the Wooden Soldiers, Waltz of the Flowers and Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
Claire de Lune by Debussy
My Heart will go on from Titanic


Featured Music Box Plays Le Moldau

Featured Music Box Plays Le Moldau

Take a trip down the picturesque Vlatva River (“Moldau” in German) when you listen to the music of Bedrich Smetana’s symphonic tone poem “Le Moldau” played on this gorgeous walnut music box with Reuge movement.  Reuge is the best in Swiss movements, and this one has 144 notes that play on a round cylinder when you wind the box.

Smetana composed Le Moldau” by 1874.  It’s one of 6 in a suite that describes his beloved homeland, the Czech Republic.  You’ll recognize the theme.  Read more about the composition here.

In today’s world of high tech and fast pace, a music box is a beautiful gift.  If your special someone appreciates the mechanical precision and craftsmanship required to produce a beautiful sound, this music box would be a wonderful gift.  Come listen to it at Ann’s and let us tell you more about why it’s so special:

Listen to the orchestral rendition of “Le Moldau”, played here by City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.  It sounds like flowing water…the familiar theme starts at the 1 min mark:


Ballerina Music Box

Every little girl wants a ballerina music box with a ballerina that twirls and a place to stash her jewelry.  Ours are all out pink for girls…choose from fashionista fairy, butterflies, classic ballerina, princess, and much more.  Give her hours of imaginative play and a cute keepsake she will treasure:



Reuge Firenze Music Box

Firenze Music Box by Reuge

Part of a very limited edition, Ann’s Reuge Firenze is #8  of only 24 of its kind, world-wide.  To our knowledge, it’s the only one currently located in the United States.   It’s made by the Reuge company, a Swiss company long known for the best music boxes in the world, and named for the city of Florence (“Firenze” is Italian for “Florence”), a city known as the epicenter of culture and wealth during the Middle Ages and Renaissance.  Sometimes called “the jewel of the Renaissance”, Florence is an apt name for Ann’s beautiful Firenze music box.   Both in quality of craftsmanship and beauty of sound, the Firenze has no peer in modern-made interchangeable cylinder musical instruments.

Firenze is a virtual Philharmonic Symphony of superb, orchestral quality sound.  It stands on its own custom made table (included) and has 8 interchangeable cylinders that play 32 classical pieces.  Each cylinder has 144 notes and can play not only the music, but bells and drums. (These can play with the music or left silent so the music plays alone.)  The wood cabinet and stand are Burr Ambroya and Italian Rosewood inlaid with Boxwood  threads.   Composers of the pieces featured on the Firenze include Gluck, Purcell, Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Handel, Schubert, Schumann, Prokofiev, Saint-Saens, Wagner, Shostakovitch, Debussy, Faure, Chopin and Strauss.  (See below for a detailed list of each piece of music included on the Firenze 8 cylinder collection.)

The Firenze stands on its own matching custom-made table, which houses a special drawer with fitted compartment to store the cylinders when they are not being played.  Lift the top and there is another glass top inside to protect the works while you watch it play.

Firenze music box, front view. It’s about 4 feet wide.

Inside the lid. Brass sounding board houses bells with “bee” ringers, drums, the winding mechanism, and interchangeable cylinder.

Close up of winding mechanism.

The drawer in Firenze’s table houses 8 cylinders on two levels. 6 are visible here.


Inside the lid is a brass plate that lists the pieces played with movements and composers. Pieces are grouped by cylinders.

Price:  $115,000, or best offer.  We would LOVE to show it to you.  Won’t you come by for a demonstration?

Firenze details:

This item is currently in stock (does not have to be ordered; we have it in our showroom right now, and we have the original, custom made-to-fit packing crates for it.)

Made with Burr Amboyna Wood, with inlaid detail.  Movement has bells and drums that may be activated separately.  8 Cylinders are interchangeable.  Each plays 4 classical pieces, has 144 notes.  Dimensions of the music box:  40″ x 25″ x 12″.  Matching table dimensions (table is included): 44.25″ x 30″ x 33″.  Original packing crate included.

Here is a list of the music it plays:

Cylinder No. 1
J’ai perdu mon Eurydice, C. W. Gluck
Scene des Champs-Elysees, C. W. Gluck
Trumpet Voluntary, H. Purcell
Ode for l’anniversaire de la Reine, MARY H. Purcell

Cylinder No. 2
Weihnachts – Oratorium, J. S. Bach
Konzert, J. S. Bach
Feuerwerksmusik, G. F. Händel
Wassermusik, G. F. Händel

Cylinder No. 3
The Magic Flute (Glockenspiel), W. A. Mozart
Petite musique de nuit (Allegro), W. A. Mozart
6th Symphony, L. v. Beethoven
5th Symphony, L. v. Beethoven

Cylinder No. 4
Oboen-romanze No. 2, R. Schumann
Arabesque, R. Schumann
6th Symphony, F. Schubert
Impromtu in E flat, F. Schubert

Cylinder No. 5
Polonaise Op. 53, F. Chopin
Grande valse brillante Op. 34 No. 1, F. Chopin
Blue Danube Waltz, J. Strauss
Vie Viennoise, J. Strauss

Cylinder No. 6
Carnival of the Animals (Fossiles), C. Saint-Saens
Carnival of the Animals (Finale), C. Saint-Saens
Tannhauser, R. Wagner
Die Meistersinger, R. Wagner

Cylinder No. 7
Romeo and Juiette (Theme), S. Prokofiev
Gavotte 1st Symphony, S. Prokofiev
Waltz No. 1 (Jazz, Suite No. 2), D. Shostakovitch
Waltz No. 2 (Jazz, Suite No. 2), D. Shostakovitch

Cylinder No. 8
Ballet, Petite Suite, C. Debussy
The little shepherd, C. Debussy
Sicilienne from Peleas and Melisande), G. Faure
Spanish Dance, Dolly Suite, G. Faure

Sentimental Music Boxes

Music boxes with heartfelt sentiments on top make just the right gift when you want to tell someone how much she means to you.  These put in words what you mean.  Want to substitute a personal picture or thought?  The tops are like picture frames…you can change the message or the image anytime you like.