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Egg Music

Decorative egg music box is a keepsake gift in a modern world where technology surrounds us.  Beautiful, delicate and intriguing eggs are delightful treasures with tiny music boxes inside:

Green Egg (no ham)

New egg music boxes are spectacular in detail.  And there’s a surprise inside!
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Sentimental Music Boxes

Music boxes with heartfelt sentiments on top make just the right gift when you want to tell someone how much she means to you.  These put in words what you mean.  Want to substitute a personal picture or thought?  The tops are like picture frames…you can change the message or the image anytime you like.

Music Boxes: Egg Treasures

Decorative eggs are highly collectible, and ours play music.  They’re hinged and reveal either a tableau inside or a satin nest to stash a tiny treasure.  In today’s world of iPhones and electronics, a wind-up music box reminds us of a simpler time, when hand-made creations wonders amazed and delighted us.  Whether it’s a special Easter gift or something to celebrate your anniversary, one of Ann’s beautiful musical eggs is something she will treasure:

Pink Ballerina Jewelry Music Boxes

Before little girls discover iPods, iPads, and iPhones, they like pink jewelry boxes!  Remember the kind that have the ballerina that turns and music that plays?  Ann’s has them.  So encourage the low tech and real-life play with a gift that inspires their imagination and holds their treasures.   These play “Waltz of the Flowers” from “Nutcracker.”  They won’t be little girls forever, and you can get them an iPod next year.

See jewelry boxes for BIG girls….click here!

Sing Happy Birthday

Can’t sing?  Here’s a gift that does the warbling for you!  Music box candles play “Happy Birthday” when you open the lid!  And the candle smells like vanilla cake!  So your birthday special someone really can have their “cake” and enjoy it, too.    Happy Birthday!  $29.50

Hear the tune:  Play the video on our Facebook page!   Click here.
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Musical Gifts

Music boxes make lovely gifts.  These are small replicas musical instruments, and they play music.  Perfect for the music lover on your list!

Click here to hear orchestral version of Rachmaninoff’s 18th Variation of Rhapsody on a Theme by Paganini, Arthur Rubenstein at the piano.

Ring in Christmas

Hand-made checkered wooden bell is a music box!  The bell (made in Ohio, USA) is hand-crafted of walnut and mahogany.  The music box movement is 41-notes and plays 6 tunes, manufactured in St. Croix, Switzerland, by the Thorens company.  $2,200.