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Lampe Berger Limoges Porcelain

Lampe Berger Limoges Porcelain combines two classic French products:  quality Limoges porcelain and Lampe Berger home fragrance diffuser to remove odors and make your home smell wonderful.   The fine porcelain has a deep, rich blue color with hand painted gold flowers. Limoges lamp has a heavy gold grill and is a larger capacity lamp.  It comes new in a gift box with all the accessories (wick, cap, grille top, funnel for pouring and instructions; fragrance sold separately).

Limoges Lampe Berger

Lampe Berger Limoges is a beautiful decorative and functional gift.

Limoges Lampe Berger

Limoges Lampe Berger, $95. Click image to order online.

Ann’s is Houston’s source for Lampe Berger and Parfum Berger products.

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Passion Lampe Berger

Passion Lampe Berger has a curvy shape and round ball grill topper.  It’s about 5″ tall.  It’s designed for Lampe Berger by Rozenn Mainguéné, a French interior designer who also specializes in designing sophisticated shapes for high-end cosmetics and perfume companies.  Passion Lampe Berger (red, black and clear) has clean and modern styling that looks wonderful in a variety of home decors:

Passion Lampe Berger Clear

Passion Lampe Berger in clear

Passion Lampe Berger Red

Passion Lampe Berger Red


Passion Lampe Berger Black

Passion Lampe Berger in black

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Black Caroline Lampe Berger

Lampe Berger Sale

Lampe Berger Sale: Retired Styles

Find many of our retired Lampe Berger styles on sale!  These are authentic Lampe Berger lamps that are no longer produced by Lampe Berger Paris, but that we have in stock while supplies last.  The beautiful Caroline, Limoges porcelain, Swirls in pastel colors and more.

Each lamp includes the kit that comes with it:  wick/burner, funnel, lamp, cap, grill and instructions.  Fragrance oils are sold separately.  Shop online or in our Houston, Texas store!

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Lampe Berger Swirl

Lampe Berger Swirl lamps in pastel Easter colors are perfect for Spring!  Soft peach, pink and yellow swirl lampes are available exclusively at Ann’s, on sale for $34.75.  Each one comes with the Lampe Berger kit:  cap, grill top, wick, funnel, and instructions.  Fragrance oils sold separately.  You can buy these sherbet-colored swirls in our Houston Store or order them online:

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