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Lafco products at Ann’s include luxurious bar soaps, soap sets, candles, diffusers, rich hand cream, and hydrating lotion. Elegant packaging and wonderful fragrance make these elegant gifts.

Opal Amaryllis Holiday Candle

Opal Amaryllis Holiday Candle by Lafco makes an elegant seasonal gift.  Opal Amaryllis is a welcome departure from the traditional Christmas spices, pine and gingerbread,  and scents your home instead with a light, fresh floral and hint of peppermint.   It comes in a pretty hand-blown glass jar that is reuseable when the candle is finished (90 hour burn time), $60:

Opal Amaryllis Holiday Candle Lafco

Lafco Opal Amaryllis Holiday candle burns 90 hours and includes a pretty hand blown art glass jar, $60.  Click image to order online.

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Lafco Present Perfect

Lafco Present Perfect

Wonderful fragrances, pretty packaging and beautiful quality ingredients make Lafco Perfect Present products the most luxurious gifts!  Lafco Present Perfect comes in hydrating body lotion, hand cream and bar soaps.  Hydrating lotion has macademia and camelina oils with Vitamin E for softening; hand cream blends botanical oils and rice proteins to soften and protect.  Triple milled bar soaps have olive, palm and almond oils to clean without drying your skin.  Fragrances include Rose & Elemi, Gardenia Lime, Freesia & Waterlilly, Honeysuckle & Bergamot and Violet & Amber.

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Lafco Present Perfect fragrances:
Rose & Elemi
Gardenia Lime
Freesia & Waterlilly
Honeysuckle & Bergamot
Violet & Amber

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White Grapefruit Lafco Candle

New White Grapefruit Lafco candle has a fresh, citrus scent with musk and fern leaves blended in.  Pretty yellow art glass jar (4″ x 4″) is reusable when the candle is finished (after 90 hours) and is food-safe.  Lafco candles are made with clean burning soy-based wax and 100% natural cotton wick. House & Home 16 oz candle, $60

Lafco House & Home Cabana Candle

White Grapefruit Lafco Candle

White Grapefruit 16 ounce candle burns 90 hours; artglass jar is reusable. $60

Also new:

Lafco House & Home Great Room Candle

Lafco Honey Blossom Candle

Honey Blossom 16 ounce candle burns 90 hours; artglass jar is reusable. $60

Honey Blossom scent is warm honey, vetiver citrus and bergamot.

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Lafco Cilantro Orange House and Home Soap

Luxurious Lafco Soaps

Lather up with luxurious Lafco soaps!  Made in a small factory in Italy, Lafco soaps are loaded with coconut, olive and almond oils to moisturize your skin.  They create a rich, creamy lather. Lafco soaps are free of solvents, sulfates, parabens and other stuff that’s not good for you. You’ll love the essential oil based fragrances, and the pretty packaging makes them elegant gifts.   Box of 3, $35.  Texas-sized large bar, boxed, $17.50

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Lavender Candle

If you like a good lavender candle, you’ll enjoy Lafco’s Media Room candle.  We’ve added Lafco House and Home Candle to our collection.  It has a Mediterranean feeling and smells like a spicy lavender:

Lafco Candle Media Room

Spike Lavender “Media Room” House & Home Lafco Candle, 90 hours, $60. Purchase online, click image.

Media Room Candle smells like spicy lavender with Mediterranean feel, $60.

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