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Simon Sebbag Silver and Leather

Simon Sebbag Silver and Leather

Simon Sebbag silver and leather necklaces are a casual way to wear elegant jewelry.  Sterling silver clasps and pendants are lightweight, and leather lends just enough style.  Dress up your jeans or wear with more formal ensemble to keep things interesting:

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Simon Sebbag Color

Simon Sebbag Jewelry Event

Simon Sebbag Jewelry Event is a great opportunity to do some Christmas shopping!  Enjoy Christmas cookies while you shop and gifts with purchase when you buy Simon Sebbag Jewelry during the event:

Simon Sebbag Jewelry Event
December 8-10, 2016
Thursday and Friday, 10-6
Saturday 10-5

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Simon Sebbag Bracelets

Simon Sebbag bracelets are easy-to-wear bangles and cuffs in modern shapes, styles, lines and textures.  Wear them alone or stack them for dramatic effect.  Bold statement jewelry that transcends changing fashions makes Simon Sebbag bracelets favorites that you will enjoy for years:

Simon Sebbag Pearl Set

Matching earrings and necklace make this a dramatic and gorgeous Simon Sebbag pearl set. Simon Sebbag mixes classic pearls with modern sterling silver hoops to create a timeless look. Wear them together or separately for a variety of looks.  $479 for earrings and necklace combination, sold as a set:

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Simon Sebbag Necklace

Simon Sebbag Silver Collars

The easiest necklace to wear for a modern, clean style is one of Ann’s Simon Sebbag silver collars.  Sleek, smooth sterling silver collar necklaces are open in the back and come with a sterling silver pendant.  Wear as is, or slip the pendant off and wear the collar alone.  We have lots of Simon Sebbag earrings to go with these, many of them in clip style.

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