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Laser Cut Swarovski Crystal Jewelry

Laser Cut Swarovski Crystal Jewelry

Laser cut Swarovski crystal jewelry shows off gorgeous crystals in intricate patterns to make pretty rings, earrings and necklaces.  These are set in 925 sterling silver plated with 22 karat rose or yellow gold, or left in sterling silver finish.  Some styles incorporate mother of pearl; many of the rings are adjustable.  Add some sparkle to your look when you combine pieces with what you already own, or wear alone to make a new statement:

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September Birthstone: Sapphire

If your special someone has a September birthday, sapphire is her birthstone.  Gorgeous, deep blue gemstone never goes out of fashion when it’s set in classic Fantasia Fine Jewelry.   Ann’s has lots of Fantasia sapphire rings that she will love and you can afford.  Say “Happy Birthday” with a sapphire Fantasia ring from Ann’s!

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Gorgeous Rings

Wearable Art Jewelry: Rings

Once in a while we find special pieces, one-of-a-kind treasures we have to put in our store, like these Wearable Art Jewelry Rings.  Opulent rings combine beautiful natural gemstones such as mother of pearl, Persian turquoise, opals, baroque pearl, jasper and more.  They’re hand set in sterling silver and electroplated with 22K gold by Turkish artisans.  Each is one of a kind.

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Fantasia Eternity Band

Nothing is more elegant that simple diamonds.  And normally such elegance would cost you a bundle!  But not when you wear Fantasia Fine Jewelry from Ann’s Fine Gifts.  Fantasia jewelry makes fine jewelry affordable without compromising quality, and it’s made right here in USA by 4th generation diamond experts.   This Fantasia eternity band is a full circle of radiant cut clear lab created diamonds mounted in 22K white gold vermeil.   (Eternity bands cannot be sized, but we can order one made for you.)

Fantasia Eternity Band Radiant Cut Stones

Eternity band of radiant cut diamonds from Fantasia Fine Jewelry.

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Fantasia Jewelry: Cabochon Rings

Fantasia Fine Jewelry designs feature classic fine jewelry diamond cuts.  Cabachon cuts the stone flat on the back, rounded and polished on top, rather than faceted.   Sapphires and rubies are especially pretty in cabachon style as it brings out a mysterious, deep opaque quality of the stone.  Fantasia cabochon rings here are set in sterling silver covered in white gold, with Fantasia’s signature lab created stones.  Clear diamond surrounds and double band settings enhance the beauty of the centerpiece,  a spectacular sapphire or ruby cabochon stone:

Fantasia Jewelry Sapphire Cabochon Ring

Sapphire cabochon lab created center stone surrounded with clear diamonds and double-band setting, $619

Fantasia Jewelry Ruby Cabochon Ring

Ruby cabochon lab created center stone surrounded with clear diamonds and double-band setting, $619

Fantasia Jewelry Sapphire Cabochon Ring

Fantasia Jewelry Sapphire Cabochon ring setting is as pretty as the stone!

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