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New: Rose Gold Rings

Rose gold jewelry is a hot fashion trend right now, but we like it because it’s so pretty.  These lovely rings are unusual for their intricate styling and pretty sparkle.   Swarovski crystals set in sterling silver that is electroplated (it won’t wear off) with rose gold, $89.50 each.

More styles available in our Houston store, but they’re going fast.  Come by and try them on!

New Rings Andrea Barnett

Gorgeous silver work and pretty stones make these new, one-of-a-kind Andrea Barnett rings special:

New Fantasia Jewelry is here

Just received a new shipment of Fantasia Fine Jewelry!  Come by and see new rings and earrings, like this:

Fantasia ring is man-made coral with lab grown diamonds surrounding it; mounted in sterling silver covered in white gold.  $399.50

Fantasia ring is man-made coral with lab grown diamonds surrounding it; mounted in sterling silver covered in white gold. $399.50

See more Fantasia Fine Jewelry at Ann’s, click here.

Opulence Ring

Update March 21, 2014:  This ring is sold.

New Opulence ring at Ann’s lives up to its name:  Turquoise ring set in sterling silver with white quartz crystals, rough-cut emeralds, and brass detail.   Made in Turkey, perfect for Texas.

New Opulence turquoise ring at Ann's

New Opulence turquoise ring at Ann’s. SOLD

New Opulence turquoise ring.

New Opulence turquoise ring. SOLD

Opulence jewelry at Ann’s are all individual pieces, one-of-a-kind and hand made.  We have more to show you, stay tuned!

Emerald Ring

Large round emerald is surrounded by smaller emeralds, rubies, and white crystals.  Set in sterling silver and brass.  Opulence, $149.

Opulence emerald ring


Stackable Silver Rings

Modern rings to adorn your fingers are sterling silver with colorful CZ stones.  Shown here in size 7.  $75 each.

Yellow Brilliance

Fantasia canary diamond surrounded by diamonds radiates light and beauty. 

Fantasia Canary Diamond ring

Fantasia ring is emerald cut 8 carat center canary diamond surrounded by 22 clear baguettes and 22 clear round diamonds, $825.

Fantasia jewelry is made in USA of lab-grown stones (not mined) and set in sterling silver covered in white gold. 

For more Fantasia jewelry at Ann’s, click here.

Stunning Sapphire Fantasia Ring

Fantasia jewelry is special because it’s made with lab-grown stones that can’t be distinguished from mined stones without a special jeweler’s tool.  (For more about high-quality Fantasia fine jewelry at Ann’s, please click here.)  Set in sterling silver overlaid with white gold, this beauty will dazzle all who behold it  Crafted in USA by 3rd  generation fine jewelers.  $1,099.  

Large faceted sapphire surrounded by diamonds is Fantasia lab-grown fine jewelry. $1,099