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20 Carat Diamond Ring

Ever wonder what a 20 carat diamond ring looks like?  This Fantasia Fine Jewelry diamond ring is a beauty:

Fantasia Jewelry 20 Carat Diamond Ring

Fantasia Jewelry diamond ring has emerald cut 20 carat center stone and two baguettes on either side (1/2 ct each), $579.  Size 8.

The diamonds used to create Fantasia Fine Jewelry are lab-created of the same compound found in a diamond made by nature.  Master diamond cutters shape, polish and set it in 22k white gold vermeil setting (white gold over sterling silver).  Made in USA.  You get fine jewelry quality at a much lower price.    Fantasia rings can be resized to fit you.

Stop by and try on the Fantasia Jewelry at Ann’s Fine Gifts!

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Fantasia Amethyst Ring

Fantasia ring features a large center lab-grown diamond the color of nature’s beautiful amethyst, a violet colored quartz.   It’s fine jewelry, mounted in traditional fine jewelry setting: prong mount, designed to show off the cut of the stone, in 22K white gold vermeil (sterling silver covered with 22K white gold).  Amethyst is the birthstone for February, too.

Fantasia Fine Jewelry Amethyst Ring surrounded by round diamonds, $797

Fantasia Fine Jewelry Amethyst Ring surrounded by round diamonds, $797

Fantasia Fine Jewelry Amethyst Ring features fine jewelry mounting of 22K white gold vermeil

Fantasia Fine Jewelry Amethyst Ring features fine jewelry mounting of 22K white gold vermeil

Fantasia Fine Jewelry Amethyst Ring

Fantasia Fine Jewelry amethyst ring is size 7 and can be sized up or down to fit perfectly.

Fantasia Fine Jewelry Amethyst Ring

Prong setting holds the stones up so the light can filter from all angles, for maximum sparkle.

What is a lab-grown diamond and why should you buy jewelry made this way?   There are several advantages to choosing lab-grown stones from Fantasia Fine Jewelry.  It’s considerably less expensive than jewelry made with mined stones.    Lab grown is the same composition as mined and cannot be distinguished from mined without special jeweler’s tools.

Stones used in Fantasia jewelry replicate the natural evolution of carbon particles…the way nature makes a diamond in the earth.  They’re not the same as cubic zirconia, which is made with a different chemical and creation process.  Lab grown is more brilliant and has better color.    Fantasia jewelers are master diamond cutters who treat lab grown stones the same way they would choose, cut, polish and set a mined stone.  That’s why they sparkle and look so pretty.

Ann’s has a large selection of Fantasia Fine Jewelry, especially rings.  Choose one you like and if it needs sizing, we’ll take care of it.  She will love a Fantasia ring!

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Opulence Persian Turquoise Rings

Elements of ancient art and history embellish these Opulence turquoise rings.  Set in sterling silver, these are one of a kind pieces resplendent with Celtic details from the third century invaders of what is now Turkey, and also the Romans, who conquered and ruled from the fifth through seventh centuries.

Persian turquoise layered with gold details are stunningly unique, some with rubies, white topaz and sapphires.  The beauty of natural stones offsets the refined details…no two are alike.  The wax molds used in their design melt upon casting, so while designs are similar, they are not duplicated exactly.

Opulence Persian turquoise ring

Persian turquoise with rubies and gold set in sterling silver, $371, approx. size 7

Opulence Persian turquoise ring

Round, domed Persian turquoise with gold bezel has rubies and white topaz stones, approx. size 10, $312

Opulence Persian turquoise ring

Domed oval Persian turquoise is surrounded by white topaz and gold, set in sterling silver, $186, approx. size 7

Opulence Persian turquoise ring

Large oval Persian turquoise ring has gold accents, including gold butterfly in each side, sterling silver, $406, size 8

Opulence Persian turquoise ring

Persian Turquoise ring with gold bezel and details set in sterling silver, $392, size 6

Opulence Persian turquoise ring

Large oval Persian turquoise ring set in oxidized sterling silver has rubies and gold, $360, size 8

Canary Ring with Earrings

Stunning Fantasia Fine Jewelry canary ring and earrings are a wonderful addition to her jewelry collection.  Eternity ring with alternating clear and canary Fantasia diamonds to wear alone or stacked; round canary diamond Fantasia earrings have the halo so fashionable right now.

Fantasia Fine Jewelry Canary and Clear Diamond eternity ring

Canary and clear Fantasia diamonds alternate all the way around this eternity ring, $299

Fantasia Fine Jewelry Canary Diamond Halo Earrings

Halo style Fantasia canary earrings have large round canary center stone, $533

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Fancy Yellow Diamonds

Enjoy the color and glamour of fancy yellow diamonds at an affordable price when you choose a Fantasia Fine Jewelry canary ring made with lab-grown stones.  Fantasia jewelers cut and mount each stone according to high-quality fine jewelry standards, for maximum sparkle and security.  For more about Fantasia Fine Jewelry, please click here.

Ann’s has many Fantasia Jewelry canary rings to choose from: oval, emerald cut, asscher, pear and radiant shapes.  Wouldn’t she love to find a Canary in her Christmas stocking?

See these and many more beautiful Fantasia Fine Jewelry pieces at Ann’s.  And be sure to come to our Fantasia Jewelry Christmas Event and Trunk Show (details here) for pieces only available during the show.

New Opulence ring features red topaz center, approx. size 7.5, $386

Opulence Rings

Opulence rings are one-of-a-kind pieces that mix refined settings with natural stones.  Turkish designers specialize in Byzantine history and art, and you can see these influences here.  Opulence jewelry showcases the splendor of past empire and all its glory in each artistic piece of jewelry.   Won’t you come by and try some on?

Opulence jewelry is made with wax molds, which melt upon casting, so no two are alike.  They cannot be mass-manufactured; each jewelry piece is unique and like no other.

Fantasia Eternity Band

Nothing is more elegant that simple diamonds.  And normally such elegance would cost you a bundle!  But not when you wear Fantasia Fine Jewelry from Ann’s Fine Gifts.  Fantasia jewelry makes fine jewelry affordable without compromising quality, and it’s made right here in USA by 4th generation diamond experts.   This Fantasia eternity band is a full circle of radiant cut “diamonds” (superior quality clear CZs) mounted in sterling silver covered in white gold.   Don’t you think she would love it for Christmas?

Fantasia Eternity Band Radiant Cut Stones

Eternity band of radiant cut diamonds from Fantasia Fine Jewelry, $454

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Stunning Opulence Ring is Persian Turquoise teardrop with 22K gold rosettes and sterling silver, $329

Artwork to wear: Rings

Unusual.  One-of-a-kind.  Dramatic.  These describe Ann’s Opulence rings.  Large stones set in sterling and gold are uniquely beautiful, like pieces of artwork you can wear.  Rutilated quartz, Persian turquoise and more…you’ll love the combinations, the craftsmanship and the unusual quality of Ann’s Opulence jewelry:


Timeless modern Jewelry: Rings

Ann’s Opulence Jewelry showcases the natural beauty of stones in refined settings.  It’s an interesting combination of elements that makes remarkable, collectible jewelry pieces.  These rings set in sterling silver (some with 22K gold) are hand-made, one-of-a-kind:  teardrop shaped Persian turquoise….rare natural peridot…Amethyst drusy…sculptural and rather architectural.

Opulence ring features large Persian turquoise teardrop surrounded by 22 K gold.  Ring is sterling silver, $399

Opulence ring features large Persian turquoise teardrop surrounded by 22 K gold. Ring is sterling silver, $399

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Rings Andrea Barnett

One of a kind Andrea Barnett sterling silver ring with veined turquoise: