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Fantasia Jewelry Diamond Pendant Necklace

Fantasia Jewelry Diamond Pendant Necklace

Are you looking for a special gift for Valentine’s Day?  A Fantasia Jewelry round pendant diamond necklace offers an affordable way to give her fine jewelry. Continue reading

Set Collar and Cuff: Blue Calcedony

Collars and Cuffs

Bold stones and bright colors make these collars and cuffs statement jewelry.  Collar necklace has pendant with matching cuff bracelet.  You can slide the pendant off and just wear the collar for a simple look.  Sold as sets, $269.50/set:

Delicate Jeweled Cross Necklaces

Delicate jeweled cross necklaces make wonderful gifts for graduation.  These have gemstones such as emeralds, rubies or sapphires and are set in sterling silver with crystals for added sparkle:

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Mothers Day Gift: Necklace for Mom

Wondering what to get for a Mothers Day Gift?  Get a necklace for Mom.  Angels, angel wings, crosses and other necklaces are pretty jewelry she’ll love.  We’ll gift wrap it free for you and you can get her a Mother’s Day card at Ann’s, too.  And since May is Jewelry Month at Ann’s, when you purchase Mom’s necklace for Mother’s Day, you get a free box of Ann’s Texas Chocolate truffles to go with it!

Mother’s Day Gifts:  Necklaces

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Long Strand Necklace

Long Strand Necklaces

These long strand necklaces are light and pretty.   These are fashion pieces styled with a nod to high-end designer jewelry, but are affordably priced.  Some come with pendants, others are “station” necklaces (“track” chain interspersed with jeweled “stations”).  They look fresh for spring: