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Triple Strand Pearl Bracelet

Beautiful pearls are always easy to wear.  This triple strand is especially luxurious! Three sizes of Majorica organic pearls are mixed on one bracelet.

Majorica Triple Strand Pearl Bracelet 97110SW

Three strands of white round organic pearls attached to 1 clasp, $295

Majorica Pearl Stud Earrings

Majorica Pearl stud earrings are classically elegant.  Man-made large white round pearls with gold vermeil backs, $117.

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Majorica Pearl Earrings

Majorica pearl earrings are always right.  Lots of styles, colors, to choose from:

Majorica pearls are high quality man-made pearls from the Spanish company named for the island.  Each pearl is hand made by dipping it in a secret formula of natural elements from the Mediterranean to reproduce the iridescence and beauty of natural pearls.  The process dates to 1890 and creates organic pearls for fine jewelry.  Majoria pearls are specially treated for longevity and quality, and have a 10 year warranty.

Pearl Earrings

Whether you need a gift for someone else or a little treat for yourself, pearl earrings are a good fit.  Majorica pearl jewelry is quality, man-made pearl jewelry with either gold vermeil or sterling silver with platinum coating.

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Baroque Pearls

Baroque pearls were once rejected when making a classic pearl necklace because they weren’t perfectly round.   Now they are a sought-after shape and make a unique necklace.  Majorica takes this concept to new level, creating baroque pearls from natural ingredients.

Baroque gray pearl necklace, 17".  $365

Baroque Majorica gray pearl necklace with silver clasp, $365 at Ann’s Fine Gifts.


White baroque pearl necklace as vermeil clasp, $365

White baroque pearl necklace as vermeil clasp, $365

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