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Fantasia Jewelry Diamond Pendant Necklace

Fantasia Jewelry Diamond Pendant Necklace

Are you looking for a memorial gift for a special occasion?  A Fantasia Jewelry round pendant diamond necklace is a lovely, affordable and commemorative gift idea. Continue reading

Canary and Clear Fantasia Diamond Earrings

Canary and Clear Fantasia Diamond Earrings

These canary and clear Fantasia diamond earrings are a classic and popular style. Continue reading

Fantasia Jewelry gold and sapphire ring

Fantasia Jewelry Gold and Sapphire Ring

Unusual Fantasia ring is a teardrop sapphire in a dome-style 18K gold vermeil setting, which is sterling silver plated with 18K gold.  Continue reading

Fantasia Diamond Ring

Cultured Diamond Rings

Cultured diamond rings are made from man made diamonds (chemically identical to natural, mined diamonds taken from the earth).  Created in a laboratory, the diamonds used in Fantasia Fine Jewelry are cut, set and polished to have maximum sparkle and fire.   Continue reading

Fantasia Ring Large Teardrop

Man Made Diamond Solitaire Ring

How about something sparkly to wear for that special occasion?  This Fantasia Jewelry man-made diamond solitaire ring is perfect.   Continue reading