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Stackable bracelets

Classic Fashion Bracelets that are Stackable

Sometimes you just need a little something to lift your mood or add some “new” to an outfit. Looking for a gift she can wear often?  Classic fashion bracelets that are stackable give her lots of styling options.  These mix well with pieces she already owns, and of course can be worn individually.  Today’s fashion looks are often a mix of styles, high and low, and these classic fashion bracelets fill a niche in her jewelry wardrobe.  Pretty, elegant gold and silver combinations with added style elements such as crystals and designer touches give a designer look at an affordable price.

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Set Collar and Cuff: Blue Calcedony

Collars and Cuffs

Bold stones and bright colors make these collars and cuffs statement jewelry.  Collar necklace has pendant with matching cuff bracelet.  You can slide the pendant off and just wear the collar for a simple look.  Sold as sets, $269.50/set:

Large Cuff Bracelet

Large Cuff Bracelets

For drama, large cuff bracelets make a strong fashion statement.  Wear with anything for years and years; they transcend trends and always look chic.  Want to streamline your look but still enjoy some major ornament?  A cuff bracelet will do the job.  Designed by Pono, Andrew Hamilton Crawford, Clara Kasavina, and more, fashion pieces, too.    Come try them:

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Contemporary Fashion Cuff Bracelets

Contemporary Fashion Cuff Bracelets add fashion forward style to your jewelry collection!   Graphic grid pattern accented with pearls are an interesting combination of new and traditional elements.  Wear with your little black dress or look really glam poolside!  Could also work with a simple tee, jeans and killer shoes.  Cuffs come in various widths decorated with pearls or crystals.  Modern style with a nod to art deco make these pieces you will enjoy wearing for lots of different ocassions:

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Silver Bracelets

925 Sterling Silver Taxco Mexican Bracelets

925 Sterling Silver Taxco Mexican Bracelets

Hammered and beaded sterling silver bracelets in traditional Taxco, Mexico style some from a long tradition of silversmiths and artisans.  Silver mines in the area dating to before Cortez allowed silver craftmanship to develop from early times.

These silver bracelets are cuff-style with intricate detail.  Hammered and beaded, with scrollwork, they are a mix of antiqued and polished artistry.  Theses are open cuffs and made with 925 sterling silver and mix well with modern fashions, casual or formal.  Each one is unique, and there’s only one of the style available at Ann’s:

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