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Patti Quinn Aurora Jewelry

Neckalace from Aurora Jjewelry by Patti Quinn are an interesting mix of materials.  Each one includes a mix of semi-precious stones and Patti’s signature fused glass elements.  Necklaces with enhancers can be worn a variety of ways, because the enhancer allows you to move the pendant.  Freshwater pearls in long strands wrap multiple times for a layered look.  Aurora jewelry is one-of-a-kind, handmade in USA.

Patti Quinn Aurora jewelry Jasper necklace

Swarovski crystals, Imperial Jasper and green rhyolite hold vintage copper disk with gold-plated spacer and lobster claw enhancer. 84″ long, $432

Patti Quinn aurora glass necklace freshwater pearls and cross

Freshwater pearls with silver

aurora fused glass jewelry

Patti Quinn Aurora Glass Pearl Necklace

Freshwater Pearls has vintage bronze cross with pearls and handmade glass centerpiece, 76″. $419

Patti Quin Aurora Glass Necklace

Black crystals, Picasso jasper, obsidian, and copper feather on a gold plated toggle hangs from enamel & brass handmade dot chain, $267

Aurora Jewelry enhancer  is Black crystals, Picasso jasper, obsidian, and copper feather.

Aurora Jewelry enhancer is Black crystals, Picasso jasper, obsidian, and copper feather. You can move this to another necklace to create more looks. Comes with the chain, shown above

Journey Bracelets

Journey Bracelets from Aurora Glass are designed by artist Patti Quinn.  Each one contains beautiful layers of dazzling glass and exotic elements.  Patti Quinn’s specialty is fusing all kinds of treasures to create a new jewel, then mixing them with other elements and surrounding all with sterling silver bezels and closures.  They’re unique and wear beautifully on your arm.

Each one has an interesting story…won’t you come by and try them on?

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Aurora Glass Jewelry

Artist Patti Quinn’s Aurora Fused Glass designs are original and hand-made.  She combines a variety of glass elements to create art-quality pendants by fusing them and firing at high temperatures before hand setting them in sterling silver bezels.  “Aurora” refers to the spectacular Northern Lights, a natural display of breathtaking and ever changing colors.  In Roman mythology, the goddess Aurora heralds the dawn, flying across the sky in anticipation of the sun, filling the heavens with color.   Aurora Glass Jewelry is truly inspirational:

"Starlight" necklace from Aurora Fused Glass by Patti Quinn, see description below.  $549

“Starlight” necklace from Aurora Fused Glass by Patti Quinn, see description below. $457

Starlight Necklace Patti weaves her magic by combining strands of bright purple freshwater large pearls, Swarovski crystal seed beads, navy blue vintage glass beads in 3 shapes and a hand-made silver toggle & ring closure.  The Pendant is midnight blue square hand-made fused glass set in sterling, hand-cut blue drusy quartz crystal, two large oval and tri-cut amethyst-navy blue coin pearls, and peacock BIWA (from mussels grown in Lake BIWA in Japan) freshwater pearl.  $549 More Patti Quinn Jewelry at Ann’s, click here.

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Go Green

Green handmade multi-strand necklace is a mix of treasures:  Jade pieces of various sizes; green freshwater Keshi pearls and faceted oval pearls; natural green moss agate beads; crystal seed beads.  Created by master artisan Patti Quinn, this piece is set with sterling silver and gold-plated toggle and ring closure.  Go green in the most beautiful way!

Aurora glass green jade and pearl necklace, $537

Aurora glass green jade and pearl necklace, $447

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Aurora Necklace

Stunning necklace features “Golden Fan” hand made fused glass set in sterling silver as the box clasp.  Includes strands of natural hand faceted citrine stones, large round honey opal beads, small round hand shaped citrine beads, large golden freshwater pearls, brass seed beads, Swarovski crystal seed beads and small cushion shaped vintage glass beads.

New arrival at Ann's Fine Gifts from Aurora glass, $522

New arrival at Ann’s Fine Gifts from Aurora glass, $435

Golden Fan clasp on Aurora Necklace

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