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Christmas Bracelets

Stackable bangles in silver and gold are perfect stocking stuffers for Christmas gifts.  These from Andrew Hamilton Crawford; hinged and oval-shaped for fit.  So pretty!

Andrew Hamilton Crawford Bangle Bracelets

Andrew Hamilton Crawford stackable bangles


Scrollwork Jewelry

Scrollwork bracelets with coordinating earrings are perfect for poolside glamour.  Open detail lets your skin show through; a touch of bright color keeps it playful.  Andrew Hamilton Crawford open scrollwork jewelry is 18K gold plated with jeweler’s quality enamel and are lightweight enough not to weigh down your earlobes.  Cuff bracelets have hinged closure.

Teardrop Earrings

Classic shapes flatter everyone.  These teardrop earrings in lavish colors with 18K gold overlay come in a range of colors, from Andrew Hamilton Crawford, $66.50 a pair.


Jewelry Trends: Bright Colors

A pop of color always brightens up your day.  Add color to your look when you choose Andrew Hamilton Crawford jewelry!   Bracelets and earrings (many under $100) are quality jewelry pieces you can dress up or wear casually.   What’s YOUR favorite color?

Elegant. Sleek. Modern. Beautiful!

New pieces from Andrew Hamilton Crawford add elegance to your collection.  Classic, glossy black or white  with gold overlay have a sleek, architectural design.  Earrings and bracelets coordinate  for an elegant, refined look.  Add these to your collection and wear them stacked:


Bright Summer Colors

Andrew Hamilton Crawford bracelets in bright summer colors look good enough to eat!  Mango, hot pink, crisp white, bright blue and deep royal blue stack and sparkle in the light.  Hinged design of jeweler’s resin with silver inlay, $89.50 each.


New Colors

New colors in favorite bracelets make a pop for Spring, and just in time for Mother’s Day!  Bright pink, green, turquoise, melon join our selection of basics in red, navy and neutrals.  These are from Andrew Hamilton Crawford, $89.50 each. 

Andrew Hamilton Crawford hinged bangles in bright colors, $89.50

Andrew Hamilton Crawford hinged bangles in bright colors, $89.50


Bracelet for Valentine’s Day

This is the bracelet Ann talks about in her radio ad for Valentine’s Day.  It’s by Andrew Hamilton Crawford in silver and red and you can get her one at Ann’s, while supplies last:

Red and silver bracelet is perfect for Valentine's Day!  $89.50

Red and silver bracelet is perfect for Valentine’s Day! $89.50

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On the cuff

Really bold, stunning and colorful enamel cuff bracelet with sterling silver is Ann’s jewelry of the day.   Can’t you just imagine how great it would look on your wrist? 

Wide hinged cuff bracelet in colored enamel with sterling silver, $717